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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Department.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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Department Name Department Site Email (@neiu.edu) Location Phone  
Ctr for College Access and Success: 32539     770 N Halsted St Ste 420 1-312-733-7330
#   Name Title Email (@neiu.edu) Location Phone  
1   Acevedo Bautista, Blanca E. Extension Program Coordinator B-Acevedo El Centro-101 1-773-442-4049  
2   Alexander, Janice L. Asst Director / Resrch & Eval J-Alexander1   1-312-563-7100  
3   Assenato, Daniela A. Extension Program Coordinator D-Changuan      
4   Beard, Fredricka L. Community Worker F-Beard      
5   Beaudrie, Valerie M. Office Support Specialist V-Beaudrie   1-312-563-7103  
6   Belay, Lavan Extension Program Coordinator L-Belay      
7   Boyd, Kenneth A. Extension Program Coordinator K-Boyd1 CCAS 1-312-563-7171  
8   Boyter-Escalona, Margaret Associate Director M-Boyter   1-312-563-7106  
9   Brandy-Vizcarra, Betty Community Worker B-BrandyVizcarra   1-312-563-7238  
10   Brown, Syreeta L. Senior Program Manager S-Brown55      
11   Brownlee, Victoria B. Community Worker V-Brownlee      
12   Callejas, Tammy I. Administrative Assistant T-Callejas   1-312-563-7108  
13   Cardenas, Nathalia Community Worker N-Cardenas El Centro 1-773-442-4088  
14   Chaney, Brian H. Community Worker B-Chaney   1-312-563-7112  
15   Choto, Jose N. Project Coordinator J-Choto   1-312-563-7113  
16   Chrismon, Cheryl L. Extension Program Coordinator C-Chrismon      
17   Correa, Willie E. Coordinator W-Correa      
18   Cortes, Aaron Senior Prog Manager A-Cortes El Centro 1-773-442-4030  
19   Davis, Jheatiane J. Community Worker J-Davis23   1-773-442-7201  
20   Del Real, Melanie A. Coordinator ma-delreal CCAS 1-312-563-7121  
21   Diaz, Mercedes Extension Program Coordinator M-Diaz16      
22   Diaz, Rene Coordinator R-Diaz5   1-312-563-7246  
23   Diaz, Vivian B. Community Worker V-Diaz3      
24   Duarte, Jessica N. Extension Program Coordinator J-Duarte6      
25   El-Bey, Ma'at H. Specialist (ASP) M-El-Bey      
26   Esquivel-Benitez, Flor S. Extension Program Coordinator F-EsquivelBenitez      
27   Gallardo, Carmen L. Community Worker C-Gallardo3 El Centro - 101 1-773-442-4081  
28   Gamboa, Gina M. Coordinator - Senior G-Gamboa CCAS 1-312-563-7120  
29   Garcia, Minerva A. Community Worker M-Garcia67      
30   Garnica, Deisy P. Extension Program Coordinator D-Garnica2      
31   Garr, Susan A. Acting Senior Manager S-Garr   1-312-563-7180  
32   Gasca, Lorena Coordinator L-Gasca1   1-312-563-7124  
33   Gomez, Maribel Community Worker M-Gomez5      
34   Gonzalez, Yendi Extra Help Y-Gonzalez16      
35   Gonzalez, Jesus Community Worker J-Gonzalez9   1-312-563-7331  
36   Gonzalez, Carmen d. Extension Program Coordinator M-Gonzalez7      
37   Gonzalez-Tapia, Josefina Community Worker J-Hernandezb      
38   Guardado, Maria Extension Program Coordinator M-Guardado      
39   Guzman, Daisy Coordinator D-Guzman5      
40   Guzman, Dioselina Community Worker D-Guzman1      
41   Hernandez, Arturo Extension Program Coordinator A-Hernandezf      
42   Jackson, Tiffany S. Coordinator T-Jackson2      
43   Jones, Moniquca Y. Extension Program Coordinator M-Jones2      
44   Kelty, Maureen P. Project Coordinator (ASP) M-Kelty   1-312-563-7131  
45   King, Sonya L. Extension Program Coordinator S-Williams10 Ccas 1-312-733-7330  
46   Laubacher, Daniel J. Project Coordinator (ASP) D-Laubacher Ccas 1-312-563-7134  
47   Leyva, Mayra A. Coordinator M-Vega3      
48   Lopez, Juan Graphic Designer Associate J-Lopez6      
49   Lopez, Mildre N. Community Worker M-Lopez14      
50   Lynch, Andrenette N. Extension Program Coordinator A-Lynch2   1-312-563-7184  
51   Mabion, Rashaard Extension Program Coordinator R-Mabion      
52   Maldonado, Nicole M. Extension Program Coordinator N-Maldonado6      
53   Maldonado, Cecilia Administrative Assistant C-Maldonado1   1-312-563-7185  
54   Malhotra, Gopika G. Assistant Director G-Malhotra   1-312-563-7136  
55   Mancilla, Luz M. Community Worker L-Mancilla   1-312-563-7183  
56   Marino, Ramon Extension Program Coordinator R-Marino      
57   Mariscal, Joy Institut Rsrch Data Specialist Y-Sun2 C513 1-773-442-4831  
58   Martinez, Graciela Community Worker M-MartinezGraciela9      
59   Martinez, Monica J. Coordinator M-Jimenez2      
60   Maynor, Langston T. Community Worker L-Maynor CCAS 1-312-563-7132  
61   Mesikapp, Thomas J. IT Manager/Admin Coordinator T-Mesikapp      
62   Miller, Alfred L. Project Coordinator (ASP) A-Miller4   1-312-563-7140  
63   Mills, Polly A. Specialist (ASP) P-Mills   1-312-563-7186  
64   Miranda, Silvia Community Worker S-Miranda4      
65   Montalvo, Angie Z. Extra Help A-Montalvo2      
66   Montanez, Victor M. Cont Ed Community Coordinator V-Montanez      
67   Moore, Tannika N. Specialist (ASP) T-Moore4   1-312-563-7330  
68   Munoz, Jose G. Community Worker J-Munoz25      
69   Nava, Dolores Extension Program Coordinator D-Nava      
70   Nava, Eric Extension Program Coordinator E-Nava1      
71   Newsome, Tondolaya C. Community Worker T-Newsome      
72   Nunez, Erika Extension Program Coordinator E-Nunez2      
73   Ortiz, Irma A. Interim Director - CCAS I-Ortiz4 Lwh 3026 1-773-442-4735  
74   Ortiz, Claudia M. Senior Program Manager C-Ortiz6   1-312-563-7189  
75   Palmerin, Erika Extension Program Coordinator E-Palmerin2      
76   Peeler-Jones, Janet Specialist (ASP) J-PeelerJones   1-312-563-7116  
77   Perez, Maria A. Extension Program Coordinator M-Perezc      
78   Pickett, Tahshuango K. Accounting Associate T-Pickett   1-312-563-7148  
79   Pierce, Nicholas D. Instruct Media Syst Tech N-Pierce      
80   Pittman II, Donald R. Senior Program Manager D-PittmanII1 Ccas Ste 420 1-312-563-7198  
81   Ramirez, Arcelia Community Worker A-Ramirez21      
82   Ramirez, Bernarda Community Worker B-Ramirez3      
83   Ramirez-Sosa, Yvette Extension Program Coordinator Y-Ramirez-Sosa3      
84   Rangel, Aniseto Senior Program Manager A-Rangel   1-312-563-7330  
85   Ricks, Henry C. Coordinator - Senior H-Ricks   1-312-563-7153  
86   Rivera, Emily Administrative Assistant E-Rivera5 Ccas 1-312-563-7158  
87   Rizvi, Syed IT Manager/Admin Coordinator S-Rizvi4 Ccas 1-312-563-7154  
88   Rodriguez, Jesus Community Worker J-Rodriguez75 El Centro - 101 1-773-442-4082  
89   Rowls, Joshua M. Administrative Assistant J-Rowls   1-312-563-7155  
90   Rubalcava, Jasmine J. Extra Help J-Rubalcava      
91   Sanchez, Lourdes F. Community Worker L-Sanchez11      
92   Siler, Robert L. Specialist (ASP) R-Siler   1-773-860-5385  
93   Solorzano, Germania M. Specialist (ASP) G-Solorzano   1-312-563-7137  
94   Stack, Wendy M. Special Asst to the Provost W-Stack   1-312-563-7232  
95   Stapleton, Anne E. Coordinator - Senior A-Stapleton1   1-312-563-7165  
96   Steels, Rebecca M. Community Worker R-Steels      
97   Thomas, Kim Community Worker K-Thomas9      
98   Thomas, Catherine M. Specialist K-Thomas4   1-312-563-7150  
99   Tobias, Luis C. Interim Coordinator L-Tobias      
100   Torres, Cynthia S. Accounting Clerk C-Torres4 C-527 1-312-563-7189  
101   Uriostegui, Hector A. Administrative Assistant H-Uriostegui CCAS 1-312-563-7245  
102   Valenzuela, Luis Coordinator (ASP) L-Valenzuela1   1-312-563-7229  
103   Valle, Esperanza Community Worker E-Valle      
104   Vargas, Alma D. Extension Program Coordinator A-Vargas14      
105   Vasquez, Jessica Extension Program Coordinator J-Vasquez9      
106   Vazquez, Lilibeth Community Worker L-Vazquez2 Ccas 1-312-733-7330  
107   Velazquez, Claribel Community Worker C-Velazquez3      
108   Vidal, Cuca Extra Help C-Vidal1      
109   Wilhelm, Carlos S. Extension Program Coordinator C-Wilhelm1      
110   Williams-Lovelace, Alicia M. Coordinator A-WilliamsLovelace      
111   Wu, Lena Extension Program Coordinator L-Wu      
112   Zipprich, Ellen M. Senior Program Manager E-Zipprich   1-312-563-7118  
113   Zuluaga, Fernando A. Coordinator F-Zuluaga   1-312-563-7115  
    FAX       1-312-563-7210  
Center for College Access and Success   CCAS 1-312-733-7330  
Gear Up   CCAS 1-312-563-7200  

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