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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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A (48 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Abay, Hiwet B. Accountant III Controller H-Abay E 223 1-773-442-5140  
2   Acevedo Bautista, Blanca E. Associate Director Ctr for College Access and Success B-Acevedo El Centro-101 1-773-442-4049  
3   Acevedo-Ryan, Melva Financial Analyst/Planning Supervisor Institutional Advancement M-Acevedo-Ryan2 C 614 1-773-442-4214  
4   Acioli, Paulo H. Professor Physics P-Acioli Bbh 217D 1-773-442-4733  
5   Adeodu, Rachel A. Faculty Teacher Education R-Adeodu Lwh 3018 1-773-442-5369  
6   Adham Sindy, Omeed K. Instructor Computer Science O-AdhamSindy      
7   Adler, Rachel Associate Professor Computer Science R-Adler CBT 171 1-773-442-4710  
8   Adler, William D. Associate Professor Political Science w-adler LWH 2068 1-773-442-5657  
9   Agopian, Garo Assistant Professor Management and Marketing G-Agopian CBM 106 1-773-442-6130  
10   Aguado, Patricia Assistant Professor Social Work P-Aguado      
11   Aguilar, Guillermina Culinary Worker II Child Care Center G-Aguilar5      
12   Aguilera, Yolanda Deputy Director Human Resources Yo-Aguilera BOB 111 1-773-442-5205  
13   Aguinaga, Jose M. Building Service Sub-Foreman Student Union, Event and Conf Serv J-Aguinaga SU 206 1-773-442-6099  
14   Ahmed, Intesar Aadil Adjunct Instructor Computer Science I-Ahmed1 Lwh 3050 1-773-442-4726  
15   Ahmedsalim, Suhair H. Payroll Specialist I Human Resources S-Ahmedsalim BOB 104 1-773-442-5196  
16   Aigner, Joe F. Admissions/Records Assistant Enrollment Services J-Aigner2 D 113 1-773-442-4021  
17   Akkati, Naveen R. Assistant Director Administrative Computing N-Akkati D 039A 1-773-442-5338  
18   Alcala, Ramona Summer ADJ Literacy, Leadership & Development R-Meza3   1-312-355-2477  
19   Alcaraz, Gaylon Instructor Justice Studies G-Alcaraz      
20   Alexeyev, Erick Instructor Counselor Education E-Alexeyev      
21   Ali, Misadah IT Technical Associate Student Success and Retention M-Ali26 n/a 1-773-442-5339  
22   Ali, Sunni Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies A-Sunni CCICS 413 1-773-256-2139  
23   Aliabadi, Sara Associate Professor Accounting Business Law Finance S-Aliabadi CBM 167 1-773-442-6142  
24   Alikakos, Irene A. Academic Advisor TRIO Student Support Services I-Alikakos LIB 410 1-773-442-4976  
25   Allen, Rodney Instructor Social Work R-Allen1      
26   Altamirano-Ruiz, Juan P. Faculty Art jp-altamirano D 111    
27   Althage, Criage L. Library Specialist Library CL-Althage Lib 129 1-773-442-4404  
28   Alvarez-Finlay, Michael Adjunct Instructor Music M-AlvarezFinlay      
29   Amado, Gabriel Payroll Specialist II Human Resources Ga-Amado BOB 104 1-773-442-5213  
30   Amano-Katsma, Hideko Instructor Music H-AmanoKatsma      
31   Ambriz, Kimberly R. Department Chair Art K-Ambriz FA 105C 1-773-442-4921  
32   Amos, Maureen T. Executive Director SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl M-Amos D 200 1-773-442-5010  
33   Ampong, Charles H. Instructor Mathematics Development Program C-Ampong      
34   Anderson, Gregory W. Department Chair Physics G-Anderson Bbh 217C 1-773-442-5753  
35   Anderson-Carter, Jacqueline R. Associate Professor Social Work JR-Anderson-Carter Lwh 3076 1-773-442-4767  
36   Ansong, Derek Y. Gymnasium&FacilitiesSupervisor Campus Recreation D-Ansong      
37   Antrim, Tom Program Asistant TESOL T-Antrim2      
38   Aquino, Javier Graduate School Specialist College of Graduate Studies and Res J-Aquino1 LWH 0042 1-773-442-4675  
39   Arends, John P. Associate Director UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning J-Arends n/a 1-773-442-4225  
40   Arevalo, Rosa Child Development Associate Child Care Center R-Arevalo CH 1-773-442-4540  
41   Armour, John R. Instructor TESOL J-Armour LWH 3069 1-773-442-4536  
42   Arroyo, Lisa Program Coordinator Enrollment Services L-Arroyo9 D-130 1-773-442-4011  
43   Asuoha, Sheri T. Faculty Social Work S-Asuoha      
44   Atto, Ronnie T. Building Service Worker Janitorial R-Atto H 105 1-773-442-5230  
45   Augustyn, Anna M. Program Coordinator Alumni Office A-Augustyn Alumni Office 1-773-442-4211  
46   Aviles, Jose F. Police Officer Police J-Aviles5 PF-108 1-773-442-4100  
47   Ayman-Nolley, Saba Instructor Psychology S-Ayman-Nolley Bbh 307H 1-773-442-5849  
48   Azzawie, Mustafa Faculty Computer Science M-MakiAlAzzawie      

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