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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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B (81 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Babcock, Jeremy T. Project Coordinator (ASP) CASEP J-Babcock LWH 3098 1-773-442-5654  
2   Bae, Sangmin Professor Political Science S-Bae Lwh 2075 1-773-442-5662  
3   Baguilat, Rae Joyce Assistant Director Student Leadership Development R-Baguilat B 119 1-773-442-4686  
4   Baig, Mirza N. Systems Administrator IV UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning MN-Baig LWH 3108 1-773-442-4375  
5   Bai, Hua Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies H-Bai Lwh 3007 1-773-442-5248  
6   Baker, Melanie M. Library Specialist Library M-Baker5 Library - Ccics 1-773-268-7500 x2146  
7   Ball, James W. Department Chair Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. J-Ball Pe 1138 1-773-442-5581  
8   Banas, Jennifer R. Associate Professor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. J-Banas PE 1125 1-773-442-5579  
9   Bancu, Ariana Assistant Professor Linguistics AV-Bancu      
10   Bangloria, Nida Extra Help Economics N-Bangloria LWH 0006A 1-773-442-4674  
11   Barden, Kimya P. Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies K-Barden CCICS 418 1-773-442-6185  
12   Barfield, Terry L. IT Support Associate UTS - Operations T-Barfield CCICS 1-773-256-2132  
13   Barnett, Timothy P. Professor English T-Barnett1 Lwh 2016 1-773-442-5822  
14   Barrett, Mary E. Admissions & Rec Supervisor Graduate Enrollment Services M-Barrett2 D - 101D 1-773-442-6004  
15   Beard, Fredricka L. Community Worker Ctr for College Access and Success F-Beard      
16   Beaudrie, Valerie M. Office Support Specialist Ctr for College Access and Success V-Beaudrie   1-312-563-7103  
17   Bedell, Michael D. Dean College of Business and Management M-Bedell CBM 184 1-773-442-6150  
18   Belay, Lavan Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success L-Belay      
19   Bell-Jordan, Katrina E. Dean College of Arts and Sciences K-Bell1 Bbh 158A 1-773-442-5711  
20   Beller, Scott A. Supervisor of Building Craftsm Building Maintenance S-Beller1 J 105 1-773-442-5235  
21   Bellido, Anibal G. Business Manager II Facilities Management A-Bellido H 105 1-773-445-5257  
22   Ben Levi, Josef Y.   Sociology J-BenLevi CCICS 1-773-256-2139  
23   Benjamin, Russell Professor Political Science R-Benjamin Lwh 2079 1-773-442-4776  
24   Benoit, Terrance Electrician Foreman Building Maintenance T-Benoit J 102A 1-773-442-5267  
25   Bethea, Sharon Professor Counselor Education S-Bethea LWH 4004 1-773-442-5545  
26   Beyda, Sandra D. Special Asst to the Provost Academic Affairs Provost S-Beyda LWH 3093 1-773-442-5525  
27   Beyer, Kenneth S. Applications Analyst College of Education K-Beyer CBM 123 1-773-442-5538  
28   Biernat, Barbara Office Support Specialist Enrollment Services B-Biernat D 101 1-773-442-4035  
29   Biles, Terius Maintenance Laborer Grounds Maintenance T-Biles      
30   Binkowski, Robert A. Specialist (ASP) Advising Center R-Binkowski LWH 0024C 1-773-442-5478  
31   Bird, Katherine A. Associate Professor Mathematics K-Bird BBH 225D 1-773-442-5754  
32   Birkner, Rachel B. Admissions & Records Rep Enrollment Services R-Birkner D 101E 1-773-442-4007  
33   Birmingham-Hoel, Rachel S. Associate Professor Justice Studies R-Birmingham LWH 4071 1-773-442-4709  
34   Bisbey, Brandon P. Associate Professor World Languages and Cultures B-Bisbey LWH 2042 1-773-442-4622  
35   Bizhga, Dorina Program Assistant College of Arts and Sciences D-Bizhga Bbh 204D 1-773-442-5716  
36   Black, Terrence Director, UTS - Operations UTS - Operations T-Black LWH 0004 1-773-442-4397  
37   Blackwell, Tommy L. Human Resource Associate Human Resources T-Blackwell BOB 104 1-773-442-5207  
38   Blair, Jennifer R. Specialist (ASP) Nontraditional Degree Programs J-Blair B 150 1-773-442-6032  
39   Blair, Thelma M. Office Support Specialist SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl T-Blair D 200 1-773-442-5009  
40   Blakley, Cherry L. Extra Help Enrollment Services C-Blakley      
41   Bloom, Zachary D. Assistant Professor Counselor Education Z-Bloom LWH 4047 1-773-442-5553  
42   Bolterstein, Elyse A. Assistant Professor Biology E-Bolterstein BBH 352A 1-773-442-5742  
43   Booms, Emily A. Associate Professor Biology E-Booms Bbh 352D 1-773-442-5725  
44   Botz, Ann A. Office Support Specialist College of Graduate Studies and Res A-Botz Lwh 0041 1-773-442-6011  
45   Boyd, Kenneth A. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success K-Boyd1 CCAS 1-312-563-7171  
46   Boyter-Escalona, Margaret Associate Director Ctr for College Access and Success M-Boyter   1-312-563-7106  
47   Bozeday, Georgia L.   Literacy, Leadership and Developmen G-Bozeday      
48   Brake, Andrew W. Assistant Professor Social Work A-Brake LWH 3080 1-773-442-5531  
49   Brandt, Annette J. Health Education Coordinator Student Affairs A-Brandt E 047B 1-773-442-5858  
50   Brandy-Vizcarra, Betty Community Worker Ctr for College Access and Success B-BrandyVizcarra   1-312-563-7238  
51   Brecheisen, Thomas   Geography and Environmental Studies T-Brecheisen BBH 344D 1-773-442-5643  
52   Brehmer, Frederick W. Police Sergeant Police F-Brehmer PF 1-773-442-4100  
53   Brelias, Anastasia G. Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies A-Brelias Lwh 3008 1-773-442-4556  
54   Brinkman, Joeli A. CHEC GRANT Program Director Economics J-Brinkman2 C- 509 1-773-442-5562  
55   Broderick, Daniel J. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant D-Broderick1 H 1 1-773-442-5238  
56   Brown-Pierce, Erica S. Specialist (ASP) Project Success E-Brown7 Lwh 4029A 1-773-442-4170  
57   Brown-Xu, Samantha Assistant Professor Chemistry S-BrownXu BBH 218F 1-773-442-5679  
58   Brown, Deon W. Associate Director Ctr for College Access and Success D-Brown2   1-312-563-7107  
59   Browne, Juanita A. Senior Library Specialist Library J-Browne Lib 117B 1-773-442-4434  
60   Brown, Kiwana L.   Literacy, Leadership and Developmen K-Brown4      
61   Brownlee, Victoria B. Community Worker Ctr for College Access and Success V-Brownlee      
62   Brown, Lena A. Admissions & Records Officer Enrollment Services L-Brown1 D 111 1-773-442-4043  
63   Brown, Marshall Web Specialist III Public Relations M-Brown68 C 632 1-773-442-4218  
64   Brown, Morris Central Rcvng Statn Dispatcher Mailing Shipping and Receivng Serv M-Brown7 H 6 1-773-442-5318  
65   Brown, Syreeta L. Senior Program Manager Ctr for College Access and Success S-Brown55      
66   Brozyna, John   Mathematics J-Brozyna BBH 204H 1-773-442-5779  
67   Bryan, Lynn C. Specialist (ASP) Advising Center L-Bryan1 LWH 0032 1-773-442-4261  
68   Budd, Cody Office Administrator Social Work C-Budd      
69   Buehling, Charlotte J. Interpreter for Deaf & HH Student Disability Services C-Buehling D 104 1-773-442-5497  
70   Buell, Marcia Associate Professor English M-Buell Lwh 2019 1-773-442-5955  
71   Bueno, Christina M. Professor History C-Bueno LWH 4087 1-773-442-5608  
72   Buetow-Kimpel, Dee K. Office Administrator Accounting Business Law Finance D-Buetow-Kimpel CBM 178 1-773-442-6141  
73   Bujan, Melanie A. Instructor Communication Media and Theatre M-Bujan FA 231 1-773-442-5928  
74   Bultinck, Howard J. Department Chair Literacy, Leadership and Developmen H-Bultinck LWH 2063 1-773-442-5809  
75   Burke, Kyle E. Executive Director Student Union, Event and Conf Serv KE-Burke SU 207 1-773-442-4632  
76   Burton, Rachel A.   Music R-Burton Fa 141C 1-773-442-5941  
77   Bush, Lynn H. Professor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen L-Bush2 Lwh 4033 1-773-442-5542  
78   Butler, Jacqueline Specialist (ASP) Nontraditional Degree Programs J-Butler11 B 148 1-773-442-6035  
79   Butler, John L. Director Institutional Advancement JB-Butler C 627 1-773-442-4219  
80   Byard, Vicki F. Professor English V-Byard Lwh 2017 1-773-442-5815  
81   Byerly, Jon M. Graphic Design Manager Marketing J-Byerly D 024B 1-773-442-4172  

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