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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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H (59 employees displayed)
Ha - Hi | Hi - Hu
#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Habib, Nawaf A. Faculty Biology N-Habib BBH 358C 1-773-442-5720  
2   Haefner, James E. Adjunct Instructor Management and Marketing J-Haefner CBM 102 1-773-442-6073  
3   Hageman, Jon B. Professor Anthropology J-Hageman B 141 1-773-442-6045  
4   Hagg, Adam S. Building Service Worker Janitorial A-Hagg n/a    
5   Hahn, Kate Executive Director Center for Academic Writing MK-Hahn LIB 470 1-773-442-4490  
6   Haidau, Cristina Faculty Computer Science C-Haidau CBT-128 1-773-442-4893  
7   Hall, Robert D. Office Support Specialist SFW - Student Payment Services R-Hall4 LWH 2096 1-773-442-5331  
8   Hallett, Richard W. Professor Linguistics R-Hallett LWH 2030 1-773-442-5879  
9   Ham, Hee J. Child Development Supervisor Child Care Center H-Ham CH 1-773-442-4540  
10   Hand, Karen E. Associate Professor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. K-Hand PE 1137 1-773-442-5568  
11   Haney, LeViis Adjunct Instructor Literacy, Leadership & Development L-Haney n/a    
12   Hanna, Marianne M. Office Support Specialist Academic Affairs Provost M-Hanna C 102 1-773-442-5426  
13   Hao, Yi Associate Professor Teacher Education Y-Hao Lwh 3023 1-773-442-5386  
14   Hare, Diamante Freshman Admission Counselor Enrollment Services D-Hare D 134 1-773-442-4883  
15   Harischandra, Dilusha N. Faculty Chemistry D-Harischandra BBH 212E 1-773-442-5683  
16   Harris, Orin M. Associate Professor Physics O-Harris1 BBH 217B 1-773-442-5561  
17   Harris, Robin J. Interim Associate Dean of Libraries Library R-Harris14 Ccics 1-773-256-2148  
18   Harris, Steven R. Dean of Libraries Library S-Harris9 Lib 120 1-773-442-4450  
19   Harrison, Lanell Building Service Worker Janitorial L-Scott H 105 1-773-442-5234  
20   Hart, Thomas Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant T-Hart H 001 1-773-442-5239  
21   Hartnett, Jenny A. Office Manager Enrollment Services J-Hartnett D 111 1-773-442-4036  
22   Hashmi, Arshad IT Manager/Admin Coordinator UTS - Operations A-Hashmi B 107 1-773-442-4347  
23   Hasso, Jennifer R. Program Coordinator Student Success and Retention J-Hasso LWH 3026 1-773-442-5566  
24   Hatton, Thomas Program Coordinator Enrollment Services T-Hatton n/a 1-773-442-4053  
25   Hayden, Akili M. Business Manager Finance and Administration A-Hayden C 316 1-773-442-5106  
26   Head, Elisabet M. Associate Professor Earth Science e-head BBH 225G 1-773-442-6055  
27   Heath, Travis M. Professor Music T-Heath Fa 115 1-773-442-5917  
28   Hegerty, Scott W. Department Chair Economics S-Hegerty n/a 1-773-442-5695  
29   Heggum, Robin C. Instructor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. R-Heggum Pe 1142 1-773-442-5596  
30   Hellman, Meta P. Faculty Coach/Teacher's Aide TRIO Student Support Services M-Hellman n/a    
31   Heneghan, Martin Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant M-Heneghan1 H 001 1-773-442-5239  
32   Hernandez, Almadelia Office Support Associate El Centro A-Hernandez ELC 123 1-773-442-4062  
33   Hernandez, Dolores Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success D-Hernandez66 EL Centro 123 1-312-563-7191  
34   Hernandez, Haydee Financial Aid Manager SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl H-Hernandez4 D 200 1-773-442-5021  
35   Hernandez, Hector R. Faculty Business Program Advisement H-Hernandez3 CBT 178 1-773-442-6113  
36   Hernandez, Jeanette M. Administrative Aide World Languages and Cultures J-Hernandez-Kalin LWH 2040 1-773-442-4740  
37   Herrington, Alexandra M. Instructor Teacher Education A-Herrington LWH 3040 1-773-442-5380  
38   Hibdon, Joseph E. Associate Professor Mathematics J-HibdonJr BBH 212A 1-773-442-5782  
39   Hidaka, Christina S. Director Child Care Center C-Hidaka CH 1-773-442-4539  
40   Hilbrands, Ellen Admission Counselor Enrollment Services E-Hilbrands2 D-130 1-773-442-5307  
41   Hill, Adrian J. Building Service Worker Grounds Maintenance A-Hill14 H-105 1-773-442-5234  
42   Hirsch, Melissa E. Faculty Literacy, Leadership & Development M-Hirsch1 n/a    
43   Hoel, Nikolas O. Faculty History N-Hoel LWH 4081 1-773-442-5634  
44   Hogan, Matthew F. Instructor Music M-Hogan4 n/a    
45   Holland, Nicole E. Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies N-Holland Lwh 4020A 1-773-442-5543  
46   Hollis-Sawyer, Lisa A. Associate Professor Psychology L-HollisSawyer Bbh 307E 1-773-442-5846  
47   Holmes, Ann Marie F. Admissions Records Assistant Graduate Enrollment Services A-Holmes1 n/a 1-773-442-6006  
48   Holtschneider, Casey S. Associate Professor Social Work C-Holtschneider LWH 3001 1-773-442-4775  
49   Holtz Karaskiewicz, Rachel L. Faculty Literacy, Leadership & Development R-Holtz n/a 1-773-442-4491  
50   Hopkins, Anne Instructor Teacher Education A-Hopkins2 LWH 3040 1-773-442-5380  
51   Horst, Harrison M. Shipping/Receiving Clerk Mailing Shipping and Receivng Serv H-Horst H 006 1-773-442-5317  
52   Houston, Demond W. Building Service Worker Janitorial D-Houston H 105 1-773-442-5234  
53   Howdeshell, Ashley E. Resource Professionals Library A-Howdeshell LIB - 015 1-773-442-4416  
54   Hrubec, Jocelyn Office Manager College of Business and Technology J-Hrubec n/a 1-773-442-6104  
55   Huertas, Claudia M. Business Manager Career Development C-Huertas B 119 1-773-442-4650  
56   Hull, Leslie D. Faculty Communication Media and Theatre L-Hull F-110-A 1-773-442-5924  
57   Hull, Robert D. Program Services Specialist College of Graduate Studies and Res RD-Hull n/a    
58   Hurovitz, Steven HCM Business Analyst Human Resources S-Hurovitz BOB 104 1-773-442-5206  
59   Hutchings, Tom E. Procurement Officer Specialist Purchasing T-Hutchings C 413 1-773-442-5302  

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