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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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C (90 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Caballero, Osvaldo Instructor Social Work O-Caballero Lwh 3077 1-773-442-4760  
2   Cabey, John M. Instructor Special Education J-Cabey      
3   Cahill, John R. Specialist Advising Center J-CahillIII LIB 213 1-773-442-4565  
4   Cairns, Jeremy A. Program Coordinator Enrollment Services J-Cairns D-130 1-773-442-4011  
5   Callahan, Christine Instructor Psychology C-Callahan Bbh 307F 1-773-442-4903  
6   Callejas, Tammy I. Administrative Assistant Ctr for College Access and Success T-Callejas   1-312-563-7108  
7   Camp, Ami C. Assistant Professor Counselor Education A-Camp2 Lwh 4053 1-773-442-5593  
8   Campbell, DeMara T. Admissions/Records Specialst I Enrollment Services D-Campbell6      
9   Campbell, Jackie Instructor Justice Studies J-Campbell Lwh 4034 1-773-442-4790  
10   Campbell, Tom J. Instructor Biology T-Campbell7 Bbh 344F 1-773-442-5724  
11   Cannon, Ellen S. Professor Political Science E-Cannon Lwh 2073 1-773-442-5655  
12   Cannova, Anna Public Information Associate Public Relations A-Cannova C 631 1-773-442-4238  
13   Cannova, Cary A. Applications Programmer III Administrative Computing C-Cannova D - 016 1-773-442-4336  
14   Cantor, Evan M. Instructor English E-Cantor Lwh 2009 1-773-442-5813  
15   Cantu, Jorge A. Assistant Professor Biology J-Cantu Bbh 310 1-773-442-5743  
16   Cappeck, John W. Special Assistant University Technology Services J-Cappeck D 013 1-773-442-4334  
17   Cardenas, Nathalia Community Worker Ctr for College Access and Success N-Cardenas El Centro 1-773-442-4088  
18   Cardenas, Omar S. Shipping/Receiving Clerk Mailing Shipping and Receivng Serv O-Cardenas2 H 006 1-773-442-5317  
19   Carey, Sean Instructor Nontraditional Degree Programs S-Carey3      
20   Carper, Heather M. Customer Service Assistant SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl H-Carper      
21   Carr, Carmel A. Instructor World Languages and Cultures CA-Carr Lwh 2033 1-773-442-4732  
22   Carreno, Dubhe Instructor Art D-Carreno FA 114B 1-773-442-4914  
23   Carr, GeGe Program Services Specialist Enrollment Services ge-carr D 130 1-773-442-4005  
24   Carroll, Gavin U. Steam and Power Plant IV Heating Plant G-Carroll H 2 1-773-442-5259  
25   Caruso, Shirley J. Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen S-Caruso LWH 2061 1-773-938-6348  
26   Casey, John P. Associate Professor Philosophy J-Casey1 LWH 3085 1-773-442-5922  
27   Cash, Rosetta Administrative Assistant Police R-Cash PF 109 1-773-442-4101  
28   Cason, Akua L. Assistant Director Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud A-Cason Ccics 1-773-256-2131  
29   Castaneda, Jose R. Instructor Music J-Castaneda2      
30   Castellanos, Jonathan Office Support Associate Mailing Shipping and Receivng Serv J-Castellanos1 FA 003 1-773-442-5316  
31   Castrejon, J Adrian Assistant Professor Justice Studies J-Castrejon5      
32   Castro, Pablo F. Police Officer Police P-Castro1 PF 108 1-773-442-4100  
33   Castro, Rose A. Senior Library Specialist Library R-Castro2 Lib 117B 1-773-442-4429  
34   Catalano, Ann T. Human Resource Representative Human Resources AT-Catalano BOB 108 1-773-442-5201  
35   Catoto, Jofry P. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Catoto      
36   Catoto, Ruby C. Human Resource Associate Human Resources R-Catoto BOB 112 1-773-442-5195  
37   Cazares, Oscar Office Administrator Academic Affairs Provost O-Cazares C118 1-773-442-5882  
38   Ceron, Cynthia Office Support Associate El Centro C-Ceron2   1-773-442-4088  
39   Chakonas, Elaine S. Associate Professor Teacher Education E-Chakonas Lwh 3012 1-773-442-5366  
40   Chambers, Emily Instructor Special Education E-Chambers      
41   Chaney, Brian H. Community Worker Ctr for College Access and Success B-Chaney   1-312-563-7112  
42   Chang, Peter M. Professor Music P-Chang1 Fa 135 1-773-442-5914  
43   Charters, Rina O. Human Resource Associate Human Resources r-charters BOB 104 1-773-442-5208  
44   Chaudhri, Amina Associate Professor Teacher Education A-Chaudhri LWH 4019 1-773-442-5368  
45   Chavarria, Miguel A. Systems Administrator III UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning M-Chavarria Lwh 3108 1-773-442-5328  
46   Chelmecki, Emily N. Police Telecommunicator Police E-Haddad      
47   Chen, Mei-Whei Professor Counselor Education M-Chen Lwh 4042 1-773-442-5556  
48   Cherney, Maura R. Assistant Professor Communication Media and Theatre M-Cherney Fa 233 1-773-442-5957  
49   Chinske, Thomas M. Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies T-Chinske      
50   Chinthala, Rajakumari Financial Aid Manager SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl R-Chinthala D 200 1-773-442-5032  
51   Choto, Jose N. Project Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success J-Choto   1-312-563-7113  
52   Chrismon, Cheryl L. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success C-Chrismon      
53   Christiansen, Deborah T.   Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. dt-christiansen PE 2111    
54   Church, Ruth B. Professor Psychology B-Church1 Bbh 313D 1-773-442-5837  
55   Ciecierski, Christina Professor Economics C-Ciecierski Bbh 340A 1-773-442-5625  
56   Cleggett, Crystal T. Instructor Social Work C-Cleggett BBH 352G 1-773-442-4760  
57   Cloonan, Denise L. Department Chair World Languages and Cultures D-Cloonan LWH 2039 1-773-442-4741  
58   Cofer, R Shayne Associate Provost Academic Affairs Provost R-ShayneCofer C 120 1-773-442-5919  
59   Cogswell, Chrissy M. Instructor-ARP Library c-cogswell El Centro 1-773-442-4495  
60   Colak, Huseyin Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies H-Colak LWH 3002 1-773-442-5363  
61   Coleman, Anna A. Interior Decorator II Facilities Planning and Constructn A-Coleman5 D 007 1-773-442-5244  
62   Coleman, Regina Admissions/Records Specialst I Enrollment Services R-Coleman D 113 1-773-442-4016  
63   Collazo, Carlos J. Police Officer Police C-Collazo1 PF 108 1-773-442-4100  
64   Collins, Vernon G. Office Support Specialist TRIO Student Support Services V-Collins LIB 403 1-773-442-4981  
65   Comber, Douglas J. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant D-Comber      
66   Condon, Sean E. Program/Student Advisor Teacher Education S-Condon Lwh 0019 1-773-442-5374  
67   Contos, Leslie S. Instructor Counselor Education L-Contos      
68   Conwell, Kip D. Laboratory Manager Biology K-Conwell Bbh 358E 1-773-442-5736  
69   Cook, Robert A. Assistant Professor Management and Marketing R-Cook2 CBM 105 1-773-442-6132  
70   Cooper, Chaelecia Y. Space Administrator II Student Union, Event and Conf Serv C-Cooper SU 207 1-773-442-4270  
71   Cordell, Sarah B. Associate Professor Mathematics S-Cordell BBH 225A 1-773-442-5751  
72   Corder, Jeffery M. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Corder2 H-105 1-773-442-5234  
73   Cordero, Brian Program/Student Advisor Business Program Advisement B-Cordero CBM 178 1-773-442-6114  
74   Correa-Velez, Lynette Asst Director For Career Servi Career Development L-CorreaVelez      
75   Correa, Willie E. Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success W-Correa      
76   Cortes, Aaron Senior Prog Manager Ctr for College Access and Success A-Cortes El Centro 1-773-442-4030  
77   Cortez, Gabriel A. Associate Professor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen G-Cortez Lwh 4016 1-773-442-5537  
78   Costa, Craig A. Building Service Worker Janitorial C-Costa      
79   Costea, Lidia D. Office Administrator Physics LD-Costea BBH 217E 1-773-442-6050  
80   Courtney, Timothy M. Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies T-Courtney LWH 4010 1-773-442-5586  
81   Cowan, Kathryn J. Instructor Music K-Cowan Fa 123    
82   Craigen, Mario M. Financial Aid Representative SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl M-Craigen D 200 1-773-442-5005  
83   Crawford, Todd L. Senior Photographer Marketing T-Crawford4      
84   Crespo, Mildred L. Coordinator El Centro M-Crespo1   1-773-442-4092  
85   Criner, David E. Instructor Art D-Criner      
86   Cronk, Olivia E. Instructor English O-Cronk LWH 2100 1-773-442-5958  
87   Crosson, Gail A. Instructor Music G-Crosson FA 122 1-773-442-5902  
88   Cuevas, Lorilene L. Instructor Psychology L-Cuevas BBH 307G 1-773-442-5836  
89   Curran, Bryan J.   Economics B-Curran   1-773-442-5690  
90   Cu, Tung Assistant Professor Accounting Business Law Finance T-Cu CBM 145 1-773-442-6133  

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