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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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P (70 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Page, Jeffery D. Assembly Hall Stagehand Student Union, Event and Conf Serv J-Page1 E 017 1-773-442-4625  
2   Pagel, Kristina   Psychology K-Pagel Bbh 307F 1-773-442-4903  
3   Paine, William R.   Literacy, Leadership and Developmen W-Paine LWH 2061    
4   Pajak, Steven Director Enrollment Services S-Pajak2 D 123 1-773-442-4013  
5   Pajak, Zoralla Admissions & Records Rep Enrollment Services ZM-Aroca D 111 1-773-442-4042  
6   Palace, Jim M. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Palace H 105 1-773-442-5234  
7   Palalay, Jessica-Jae S. Extra Help College of Graduate Studies and Res J-Palalay      
8   Palmerin, Erika Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success E-Palmerin2      
9   Palos, Davor Events Coordinator Student Union, Event and Conf Serv D-Palos 5500 N Saint Louis Ave Ste 207 1-773-442-4613  
10   Papageorgiu, Panagos SUMMER INSTRUCTION Teacher Quality Education P-Papageorgiu      
11   Papiewski, John G. Laboratory Manager Physics J-Papiewski Bbh 221D 1-773-442-5792  
12   Park, Cheryl J. Instructor Biology C-Park2 BBH 217A 1-773-442-5225  
13   Parrenas, Jonathan V. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Parrenas      
14   Partipilo, Michael J. Administrative Assistant II Center for Divrsty Interculturl Aff M-Partipilo B 167 1-773-442-5442  
15   Patel, Shreya Specialist Student Ctr for Science Engagement S-Patel93 BBH 235 1-773-442-5663  
16   Patel, Uma Office Manager Political Science U-Patel Lwh 2080 1-773-442-5660  
17   Pauta, Sydney B. Extra Help Ctr for College Access and Success S-Pauta      
18   Payer, Lynn Office Manager Chemistry L-Payer Bbh 214H 1-773-442-5670  
19   Payne, Brendan G. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant B-Payne2      
20   Peeler-Jones, Janet Specialist (ASP) Ctr for College Access and Success J-PeelerJones   1-312-563-7116  
21   Peimer, Alex W. Assistant Professor Geography and Environmental Studies A-Peimer BBH 344C 1-773-442-5642  
22   Pelka, Colleen E. Library Operations Associate Library C-Pelka Lib 117A 1-773-442-4448  
23   Pennamon, Alice M. Coordinator Enrollment Services A-Pennamon D 108 1-773-442-4986  
24   Pennekamp, Teresa Administrative Aide Biology TM-Pennekamp Bbh 358G 1-773-442-5740  
25   Pepper, Shayne D. Department Chair Communication Media and Theatre S-Pepper Fa 239 1-773-442-5962  
26   Perera, Graciela Associate Professor Computer Science G-Perera LWH 3048 1-773-442-4738  
27   Perez, Alexa M. Office Support Associate Student Success and Retention A-Perez40 Lwh 3026 1-773-442-5571  
28   Perez, Alicia Program/Student Advisor Computer Science A-Perez6 LWH 3057 1-773-442-4722  
29   Perez, Clemencia Office Administrator Controller C-Perez E 220 1-773-442-5127  
30   Perez, Jorge D. Director Music J-Perez1 C 609 1-773-442-5904  
31   Perez, Juanita Y. Admissions & Rec Supervisor Enrollment Services J-Perez2 D 113 1-773-442-4008  
32   Perez, Maria A. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success M-Perezc      
33   Perez, Suleyma Senior Exec Dir of Gov't Relat Government Relations S-Perez6 C 210 1-773-442-5415  
34   Perlow, Olivia N. Department Chair Sociology O-Perlow Lwh 2098 1-773-442-4773  
35   Petefish, Kathleen S.   World Languages and Cultures K-Petefish Lwh 2048 1-773-442-4744  
36   Petersen, Katherine Assistant Professor Music K-Petersen7 FA 125 1-773-442-5907  
37   Peters, Mariya S. IT Technical Associate Institutional Advancement M-Peters3 C 616 1-773-442-4212  
38   Peters, Victor P. Assistant Director Budgets V-Peters C 425 1-773-442-5113  
39   Petrenko, Michael J. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant M-Petrenko H 1 1-773-442-5238  
40   Pfeiffelman, Bonnie J. Administrative Assistant Library B-Pfeiffelman LIB 119 1-773-442-4460  
41   Pham, Hanh N. Accountant III Controller H-Pham E 207 1-773-442-5123  
42   Phillips, Tanisha C. Child Care Assistant Child Care Center T-Phillips CH 1-773-442-4540  
43   Pickel, Mitchell A. Building Service Worker Janitorial M-Pickel      
44   Pickett, Tahshuango K. Accounting Associate Ctr for College Access and Success T-Pickett   1-312-563-7148  
45   Pierce, Gala M. Grants and Contracts Associate Sponsored Programs G-Pierce LWH - 006 1-773-442-6007  
46   Pierce, Nicholas D. Instruct Media Syst Tech Ctr for College Access and Success N-Pierce      
47   Pierre, Kristine M. Director - Career Dev & Comm Career Development K-Pierre B 139 1-773-442-4607  
48   Pila, Stefani M. Specialist Student Counseling Services S-Pila B 129 1-773-442-4651  
49   Pimentel-Rodriguez, Luisa F.   Ctr for College Access and Success L-Pimentel-Rodriguez      
50   Pines, Brittany Director Academic Affairs Provost B-Pines LWH 3026 1-773-442-5570  
51   Pirzada, Mubarika Child Development Associate Child Care Center M-Pirzada CH 1-773-442-5238  
52   Pittman II, Donald R. Senior Program Manager Ctr for College Access and Success D-PittmanII1 Ccas Ste 420 1-312-563-7198  
53   Plazola, Sergio D. Extra Help Ctr for College Access and Success S-Plazola      
54   Pollizze, Donna J. Admissions & Records Officer Enrollment Services D-Zobott D 101 1-773-442-4032  
55   Poll, Ryan H. Assistant Professor English R-Poll Lwh 2099 1-773-442-5824  
56   Polyashuk, Marina V. Associate Professor Mathematics M-Polyashuk Bbh 212D 1-773-442-5774  
57   Polyashuk, Yelena S. Instructor Psychology Y-Polyashuk Bbh 303 1-773-442-5853  
58   Poplawski, Nick Maintenance Laborer Grounds Maintenance N-Poplawski      
59   Porps, Freddy A.   Computer Science F-Porps Lwh 3050 1-773-442-4726  
60   Potts, Natalie B. Director of EO, AA and EC Equal Oppty, Aff Action and Ethics N-Potts C 216 1-773-442-5412  
61   Pouladdege, Pierre A. Instructor Mathematics P-Pouladdege Bbh 204A 1-773-442-5755  
62   Powers, Noreen Assistant Professor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen N-Powers LWH 3009 1-773-442-5395  
63   Preston, Yvonne L. Customer Service Assistant SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl Y-Preston D 200 1-773-442-5016  
64   Prete, Frederick Instructor Biology F-Prete Bbh 344F 1-773-442-5724  
65   Prezas, Pericles Assistant Professor Computer Science P-Prezas Lwh 3052 1-773-442-4725  
66   Price, James M. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Price7      
67   Prieto-Mendoza, Alejandra Specialist College of Graduate Studies and Res M-PrietoMendoza B 141 1-773-425-4254  
68   Pryor, Danielle M. Business/Admin Associate Center for Teaching and Learning D-Pryor C-102 1-773-442-5431  
69   Pugh, Lorenzo P. Chief Instruct Media Sys Eng User Services L-Pugh3 E 108 1-773-442-6190  
70   Pulido, Isaura B. Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies I-Pulido1 LWH 4009 1-773-442-5592  

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