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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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L (45 employees displayed)
La - Li | Li - Ly
#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   La Faire, Charles Building Service Foreman Janitorial C-LaFaire      
2   Lamadrid-Quevedo, Maria R. Assistant Director El Centro M-Lamadrid-Quevedo ELC 123 1-773-442-4095  
3   Lam, Anderson Systems Administrator IV UTS - Operations A-Lam D-013 1-773-442-4396  
4   Lambert, Brian Police Officer Police B-Lambert CCICS 1-773-256-2136  
5   Lambert, Thomas E. Director SFW - Student Payment Services TE-Lambert D 107 1-773-442-5199  
6   Larson, Scott J. Program Assistant Sociology S-Larson5 LWH 0021 1-773-442-4908  
7   Lasko, Jennie Administrative Nurse II Health Services J-Lasko2      
8   Laughlin, Tina S. Instructor Music T-Laughlin FA 113 1-773-442-5942  
9   Lawson, Douglas A. Director Student Disability Services D-Lawson1 D 104 1-773-279-5003  
10   Leander, Russell J. Instructor Counselor Education R-Leander      
11   Le, Anne T. Assistant Professor Accounting Business Law Finance H-Le9 Cbm 142 1-773-442-6149  
12   Lebron Figueroa, Maria Financial Aid Coordinator SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl M-LebronFigueroa D-012 1-773-442-4697  
13   Lee, Benneth R. Instructor Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud B-Lee1      
14   Lee, Jeong Soon Instructor World Languages and Cultures J-Lee23 LWH 2044    
15   Lee, Senyung Assistant Professor TESOL S-Lee65 Lwh 2053 1-773-442-5878  
16   Lema, Priscilla E. Security Guard Police P-Lema      
17   Leon, Rafael L. Instructor El Centro R-Leon      
18   Lewis, Cedric Building Service Worker Janitorial C-Lewis18 H 105 1-773-442-5234  
19   Lewis, Latasha E. Applications Programmer III Administrative Computing l-lewis D 39 1-773-442-4331  
20   Libreri, John D. Steam and Power Plant IV Heating Plant J-Libreri H 2 1-773-442-5241  
21   Libretti, Timothy R. Acting Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences T-Libretti Lwh 2012 1-773-442-5823  
22   Li, Jian Department Chair Management and Marketing J-Li3 CBM 179 1-773-442-6129  
23   Lipinski, Darius Building Service Worker Janitorial D-Lipinski      
24   Lipinski, Michael M. Building Service Worker Janitorial M-Lipinski      
25   Lis, Renata G. Asst to Vice President/Provost Academic Affairs Provost R-Lis C-109 1-773-442-5422  
26   Liu, Sheng Assistant Professor Accounting Business Law Finance S-Liu5 CBT 141 1-773-442-6164  
27   Liu, Ting Associate Professor Geography and Environmental Studies T-Liu1 BBH 344H 1-773-442-5645  
28   LoBue, David Instructor Earth Science D-LoBue2      
29   Loconte, Joseph Instructor Mathematics Development Program J-Loconte BBH 204C 1-773-442-5767  
30   Loeza, Johana Budget Analyst I Budgets J-Medina1 C - 423 1-773-442-5110  
31   Loma, Damian I. Instructor Art D-Loma      
32   Long, Erin R. Interim Assistant Director TRIO Student Support Services E-Long8 LIB 404 1-773-442-4984  
33   Lopez-Cabrera, Rene Program Coordinator Student Success and Retention R-Lopez10 LWH-3026 1-773-442-5571  
34   Lopez, Alberto Associate Dean College of Education A-Lopez LWH 4039 1-773-442-4573  
35   Lopez, Daniel Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen D-Lopez C 322 1-773-442-4851  
36   Lopez, Gabriel Police Officer Police G-Lopez2 Pf 108 1-773-442-4100  
37   Lopez, Jose J. Instructor Master of Social Work J-Lopezf      
38   Lopez, Maribel Instructor Social Work MA-Lopez BBH 352G    
39   Loster, Lawrence A. Police Sergeant Police L-Loster PF 108 1-773-442-4100  
40   Luedke, Tracy J. Professor Anthropology T-Luedke Bbh 138 1-773-442-5621  
41   Luna-Duarte, Maria E. Director El Centro M-Duarte ELC 123 1-773-442-4084  
42   Lustig, Kylie F. Child Development Associate Child Care Center K-Lustig CH 1-773-442-4540  
43   Lynch, Andrenette N. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success A-Lynch2   1-312-563-7184  
44   Ly, Ngan IT Support Associate Copier Services N-Ly LWH 0055 1-773-442-5333  
45   Lyons, Gretchen Instructor Biology G-Lyons BBH 352G 1-773-442-5666  

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