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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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W (47 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Waddell, Donald Faculty Social Work D-Waddell BBH 352G 1-773-442-4760  
2   Wade, Jeffrey K. Office Administrator Music J-Wade FA 128 1-773-442-5900  
3   Wagner, Robin M. Coordinator Student Success and Retention R-Wagner LWH 0023 1-773-442-4681  
4   Waldman, David SUMMER INSTRUCTION Philosophy D-Waldman LWH 3083    
5   Walker, Nekenya Program/Student Advisor Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud N-Walker CCICS 302 1-773-256-2038 x2038  
6   Walker, Rahshida A. Interim Registrar- Enrollment Enrollment Services R-Walker5 D 122 1-773-442-4029  
7   Wall, Shannon S. Faculty Social Work S-Wall2 LWH 3061 1-773-442-4760  
8   Wallace, Lakishia D. Human Resource Officer Human Resources L-Wallace2 BOB 107 1-773-442-5203  
9   Wallis, Lisa C. Associate Dean of Libraries Library L-Wallis LIB 121 1-773-442-4571  
10   Walsh, Maureen O. Office Support Associate Nontraditional Degree Programs m-walsh4 B 147 1-773-442-6037  
11   Wang, Sara Associate Professor Accounting Business Law Finance X-Wang6 CBM 147 1-773-442-6177  
12   Wang, Xiwei Department Chair Computer Science X-Wang9 CBT-176 1-773-442-4734  
13   Wang, Zhiwei Instructor Mathematics Z-Wang BBH 212H 1-773-442-5765  
14   Wartalski, Russell D. Assistant Professor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen R-Wartalski LWH 4018 1-773-442-5504  
15   Watson, Elizabeth M. Faculty Counselor Education E-Watson2      
16   Webb, Sarah Extra Help Economics S-Webb2      
17   Wells, Gina SUMMER INSTRUCTION TESOL G-Wells LWH 2060 1-773-442-5883  
18   Wenz, Michael G. Executive Director, Budgets Budgets M-Wenz C 420 1-773-442-5117  
19   West, Laura J. Specialist Student Ctr for Science Engagement L-West2 BBH 204D 1-773-442-5664  
20   Wheatley, Sheila L. Faculty Social Work S-Wheatley      
21   Wheeler, Durene I. Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies D-Wheeler B 163 1-773-442-5372  
22   White, Brian D. Faculty English B-White Lwh 2025 1-773-442-5832  
23   White, Timothy L. IT Manager Marketing T-White9 C 633 1-773-442-4227  
24   White, Truvae Faculty Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. T-White8 PE 2111 1-773-442-5560  
25   Whitehead, Sarator Administrative Assistant Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud S-Whitehead PF 128 1-773-442-4102  
26   Whitfield, Paul Police Officer Police P-Whitfield      
27   Whittaker, Zane G. IT Technical Associate Library Z-Whittaker1 LIB 019A 1-773-442-4449  
28   Wilkens, Kristin L. Office Administrator Psychology KL-Wilkens BBH 313F 1-773-442-5840  
29   Wilkins, April Faculty Art A-Wilkins      
30   Williams, Debra D. Administrative Assistant College of Education D-Williams28 LWH 4041 1-773-442-5501  
31   Williams, Diane Faculty Master of Social Work D-Williams58      
32   Williams, Lance Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies L-Williamsb CCICS 314 1-773-256-2145  
33   Williams, Ryan E. IT Technical Associate UTS - Operations R-Williams Lwh 4 1-773-442-4357  
34   Wilson, Dustin J. Building Service Worker Janitorial D-Wilson6      
35   Wilson, James L. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Wilson18 H 105 1-773-442-5234  
36   Winkler, Joseph D. IT Support Associate UTS - Operations J-Winkler1 B-107 1-773-442-4378  
37   Wirth, Dan Instructor Communication Media and Theatre D-Wirth FA 230 1-773-442-5974  
38   Wisniewski, Dona Program Administrative Asst Counselor Education D-Wisniewski Lwh 4075 1-773-442-5557  
39   Wodziak, Mark D. Faculty Sociology M-Wodziak      
40   Wolk, Steven M. Professor Teacher Education S-Wolk Lwh 3092 1-773-442-5397  
41   Worrell, David Nurse Practitioner Health Services D-Worrell      
42   Woznica, Celine Faculty Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. C-Woznica PE 1144 1-773-442-5560  
43   Wrinkle, Nancy C. Associate Professor Mathematics N-Wrinkle BBH 212H 1-773-442-5765  
44   Wu, Anning Applications Programmer II UTS - Operations A-Wu LWH 0004 1-773-442-4354  
45   Wu, Jia R. Assistant Professor Counselor Education J-Wu11 Lwh 4055 1-773-442-5551  
46   Wu, Lena Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success L-Wu      
47   Wycoff, Catherine E. Director Clinical Expce and Student Teaching C-Wycoff LWH 4043 1-773-442-5347  

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