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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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D (39 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Dang, Jennifer L. Collection Manager SFW - Student Payment Services J-Dang2 D 101B 1-773-442-5169  
2   Davenport, Troy A. HR Manager, Recruit & Employ Human Resources T-Davenport BOB 104 1-773-442-5206  
3   Davidson, George J. Faculty Accounting Business Law Finance G-Davidson CBM 169 1-773-442-6146  
4   Davidson, Kimberly L. Faculty Social Work K-Davidson1 LWH 3097    
5   Davis, Lesa C. Department Chair Anthropology lcdavis Bbh 144 1-773-442-5862  
6   Davis, Timothy D. Asst Chief InstructMediaSysEng User Services TD-Davis2 E 110 1-773-442-4624  
7   Davros, Michael G. Instructor English M-Davros LWH 2009 1-773-442-5831  
8   Dawley-Carr, Ruth Assistant Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies J-DawleyCarr LWH 4005 1-773-442-5522  
9   De Bruyn, Martyn Department Chair Political Science M-DeBruyn LWH 2067 1-773-442-5653  
10   De Clet, David F. Police Officer Police D-DeClet Pf 112 1-773-442-4100  
11   De La Pena, Alejandra Faculty Teacher Education A-DeLaPena2      
12   De La Torre, Maria E. Department Chair Justice Studies M-DeLaTorre LWH 4072 1-773-442-5452  
13   DeCicco, Theresa A. SUMMER INSTRUCTION Teacher Education T-DeCicco      
14   Del Real, Melanie A. Senior Program Manager Ctr for College Access and Success ma-delreal CCAS 1-312-563-7121  
15   Del Toro, Lizzette Interim Reg Recruit Mgr-DuPage Enrollment Services L-DelToro D 120 1-773-442-6003  
16   Delaney, Patrick J. Faculty Management and Marketing p-delaney1 CBM 104 1-773-442-5151  
17   DeMaat, Lauren M. Office Administrator Geography and Environmental Studies L-DeMaat Bbh 346C 1-773-442-5690  
18   Dervisevic, Mejra Office Administrator Teacher Education M-Dervisevic      
19   Dhiensiri, Nont Associate Dean College of Business and Technology N-Dhiensiri CBM 187 1-773-442-6171  
20   Diaz, Billie Coordinator Teacher Quality Education BM-Diaz LWH 3026 1-773-442-5576  
21   Diaz, David M. Program Coordinator Alumni Office D-Diaz6 C-612 1-773-442-4211  
22   Diaz, Edward A. IT Support Associate UTS - Operations EA-Diaz LWH 0004 1-773-442-4357  
23   Diaz, Rene Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success R-Diaz5   1-312-563-7246  
24   Dillingham, Christian S. Faculty Music C-Dillingham      
25   Dillon, Barbara K. Faculty Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies B-Dillon      
26   Dobbins Daniels, Sylvia G. Director Development Office S-Daniels4 C 625 1-773-442-4231  
27   Dobbins, Tammi Business Manager Center for Divrsty Interculturl Aff T-Dobbins B 167 1-773-442-5442  
28   Domkowski, Lisa A. Director Development Office L-Domkowski C 626 1-773-442-5814  
29   Donofrio, Kathy H. Faculty Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. K-Donofrio PE 2111    
30   Dorai, Sundaram Associate Professor Management and Marketing S-Dorai CBM 109 1-773-442-6135  
31   Dorantes, Raul Faculty World Languages and Cultures R-DorantesResendiz Lwh 2048 1-773-442-4744  
32   Dorestani, Reza Professor Accounting Business Law Finance A-Dorestani Cbm 165 1-773-442-6139  
33   Downey, Liesl V. Vice President Institutional Advancement L-Downey C 618 1-773-442-4248  
34   Duarte Andrade, Laura L. Extra Help Ctr for College Access and Success L-DuarteAndrade      
35   Duchaj, Karen A. Instructor Linguistics K-Duchaj Lwh 4090 1-773-442-4705  
36   Duggan, Timothy J. Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies T-Duggan Lwh 2057 1-773-442-5354  
37   Dukes, Wanda R. Administrative Assistant Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud W-Dukes CCICS 521 1-773-256-2032  
38   Duncan, Steven T. Faculty Music S-Duncan      
39   Dykema-Engblade, Amanda Department Chair Psychology A-Dykema-Engblade BBH 313E 1-773-442-5848  

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