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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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S (98 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Sacic, Vida Associate Professor Art V-Sacic Fa 226C 1-773-442-4922  
2   Sagel, Dennis R. Public Information Associate SG Student Leadership D-Sagel B-162 1-773-442-4664  
3   Sage, Matthew Instructor Communication Media and Theatre M-Sage FA 233 1-773-442-5957  
4   Salecker, Paul D. Building Service Sub-Foreman Janitorial P-Salecker H 105 1-773-442-5230  
5   Saleem, Muhammad Coordinator, Unix Internet UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning M-Saleem LWH 3108 1-773-442-4384  
6   Salzmann, Joshua A. Associate Professor History J-Salzmann LWH 4094 1-773-442-5632  
7   Sanchez, Joselyn Program Services Specialist Enrollment Services J-Sanchez36 D 120 1-773-442-4145  
8   Sandstrom, Jinia Customer Service Assistant SG Student Leadership V-Sandstrom B 160 1-773-442-4581  
9   Sangster, Jonathan E. Instructor Art J-Sangster2      
10   Santana, Esther M. Associate Professor World Languages and Cultures E-SANTANA Lwh 2043 1-773-442-4749  
11   Santiago, Vicky Director of Procurement Purchasing vi-santiago C- 409 1-773-442-5301  
12   Santos, Reylla C. Instructor Counselor Education R-FreiredoValeSantos      
13   Saszik, Shannon M. Associate Professor Psychology S-Saszik Bbh 307B 1-773-442-5839  
14   Savas Kourvetaris, Andreas Y. Associate Professor Sociology A-Kourvetaris LWH 2089 1-773-442-4774  
15   Schaffnit, Rachel Assistant Director TRIO Student Support Services R-Schaffnit LIB 409 1-773-442-4972  
16   Scherman, Timothy H. Department Chair English T-Scherman Lwh 2001 1-773-442-5817  
17   Schirmer, Aaron E. Associate Professor Biology A-Schirmer Bbh 352E 1-773-442-5617  
18   Schlagheck, Dennis M. Library Specialist Library D-Schlagheck LIB 129 1-773-442-4424  
19   Schmalholz, Deborah L. Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies D-Schmalholz LWH 4010 1-773-442-5586  
20   Schoen, William Instructor World Languages and Cultures W-Schoen      
21   Schroeder, Christopher Professor English C-Schroeder2 Lwh 2023 1-773-442-5483  
22   Schryer, Mindi S. Instructor Teacher Education M-Schryer      
23   Scott, Toni K. Office Administrator President's Office T-Scott1 C - 207 1-773-442-5418  
24   Segal, Rebecca R. Instructor Music R-Segal      
25   Sego, Ann L. Office Support Specialist Student Success and Retention A-Sego LIB 412 1-773-442-4894  
26   Sepulveda, Samentha Instructor Communication Media and Theatre S-Sepulveda1      
27   Serio, Mary Mail Messenger Mailing Shipping and Receivng Serv M-Schultz1 FA 003 1-773-442-5292  
28   Sevilla, Dennis P. Network Engineer II UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning D-Sevilla LWH 4067 1-773-442-4382  
29   Seymour, Karl M. Building Service Worker Janitorial K-Seymour H 105 1-773-442-5230  
30   Shafer, Bradley J. Instructor Management and Marketing B-Shafer      
31   Shah, Hemant S. Architect III Facilities Planning and Constructn H-Shah1 D 007 1-773-442-5243  
32   Shah, Katherine Extra Help Student Success and Retention K-Shah6      
33   Sharma, Radhika Instructor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. R-Sharma      
34   Shelby, Diane Instructor Teacher Education D-Shelby2      
35   Shin, Rebecca M. Child Development Supervisor Child Care Center R-Shin CH 1-773-442-4540  
36   Shin, Yejin Assistant Professor Communication Media and Theatre Y-Shin      
37   Siegel, Deborah Senior Library Specialist Library D-Siegel Lib 129 1-773-442-4509  
38   Sieger, William B. Professor Art W-Sieger Fa 105A 1-773-442-4942  
39   Siker, Jody R. Assistant Professor Special Education J-Siker Lwh 4040 1-773-442-5590  
40   Siliunas, Victoria M. Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies V-Siliunas      
41   Sills, Neva I. Instructor Art N-Sills      
42   Silverthorn, Naida A. Instructor Psychology N-Silverthorn Bbh 303 1-773-442-5853  
43   Simokaitis, Christine A. Instructor English C-Simokaitis LWH 2024 1-773-442-5810  
44   Simon, Scott R. Senior Applications Analyst Administrative Computing SR-Simon D 18 1-773-442-4394  
45   Singh, Suresh Associate Professor Management and Marketing S-Singh1 CBM 127 1-773-442-5046  
46   Sirb, Diana Program Assistant Clinical Expce and Student Teaching D-Sirb      
47   Sirb, Florina Administrative Assistant Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies F-Sirb Lwh 4010 1-773-442-5517  
48   Sircar, Debajit Instructor Chemistry D-Sircar1 Bbh 212G 1-773-442-5667  
49   Sitkiewicz, Barbara A. Instructor Teacher Education B-Sitkiewicz      
50   Skerpon, Luke Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies L-Skerpon LWH 3099    
51   Skrabacz, Brian F. Building Service Worker Janitorial B-Skrabacz H 105 1-773-442-5234  
52   Skurteski, Marjan Maintenance Laborer Grounds Maintenance M-Skurteski1      
53   Skyba, Nicholas Admissions & Records Officer Enrollment Services N-Skyba D 113 1-773-442-4014  
54   Slate, Jennifer E. Department Chair Biology J-Slate BBH 358F 1-773-442-5734  
55   Smailis, Joseph E. Instructor Counselor Education J-Smailis      
56   Smith, Katy A. Department Chair Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies K-Smith1 LWH 3099 1-773-442-5329  
57   Smith, Michael B. Chief Instruct Media Sys Eng User Services M-Smith28 E 109 1-773-442-5984  
58   Smith, Monica Program Administrative Asst Carruthers Cntr for Inner City Stud M-Smith5 CCICS 307 1-773-256-2036  
59   Smith, Pamela D. Instructor Special Education P-Smith8      
60   Smith, Tyler S. Ombuds President's Office T-Smith30 Library 216 1-773-442-4527  
61   Snowden, Susan K. Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen S-Snowden LWH 2061    
62   Snow, Lydia Instructor Music L-Snow FA 136 1-773-442-5931  
63   Sockol, Trease K. Office Administrator Conference Services Operations T-Sockol SU - 207 1-773-442-6085  
64   Solorzano, Germania M. Specialist (ASP) Ctr for College Access and Success G-Solorzano   1-312-563-7137  
65   Song, Sharon Y. Assistant Professor Counselor Education SY-Song      
66   Son, Sik Instrctnl Tchnlgy Specialist Center for Teaching and Learning S-Son LIB 312 1-773-442-4497  
67   Sotak, Kenneth M. Instructor Computer Science K-Sotak Lwh 3059 1-773-442-4727  
68   Sperrazza, Rose U. Associate Professor Music R-Sperrazza Fa 122 1-773-442-5902  
69   Spevak, Irina Instructor Mathematics Development Program I-Spevak BBH 204F 1-773-442-5069  
70   Sprong, Matthew E. Instructor Counselor Education M-Sprong      
71   Srinivas, Sudha Acting Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences S-Srinivas BBH 158C 1-773-442-5638  
72   Stankova, Roumiana V. Instructor Philosophy R-Stankova Cbm 140 1-773-442-5686  
73   Stanley, Jade Instructor Social Work J-Stanley LWH 3078 1-773-442-4764  
74   Stanley, JeNai A. Instructor Justice Studies J-Stanley1      
75   Stapleton, Anne E. Coordinator - Senior Ctr for College Access and Success A-Stapleton1   1-312-563-7165  
76   Staunton, Jeannine N. Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen J-Staunton      
77   Steels, Rebecca M. Community Outreach Worker Ctr for College Access and Success R-Steels      
78   Steffen, George F. Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen G-Steffen      
79   Steinwedel, Charles R. Department Chair History C-Steinwedel Lwh 4085 1-773-442-5606  
80   Stern, Kendra Specialist (ASP) Advising Center K-Stern2 Lwh 0030 1-773-442-4597  
81   Stern, Michael J. Dean College of Graduate Studies and Res M-Stern2 LWH 0041 1-773-442-6010  
82   Stewart, Jonathan N. Program Coordinator Enrollment Services J-Stewart7 D-101E 1-773-442-4053  
83   Stewart, Katherine H. Admissions & Records Rep Graduate Enrollment Services K-Stewart3 D111 1-773-442-6017  
84   Stickel, Travis R. Police Telecommunicator Police T-Stickel      
85   Stillwell, Tracy Instructor Teacher Education T-Stillwell LWH 3040 1-773-442-5380  
86   Stockdill, Brett Professor Sociology B-Stockdill LWH 2089 1-773-442-4772  
87   Stojkovic, Emina A. Professor Biology E-Stojkovic Bbh 352H 1-773-442-5692  
88   Stone, William Associate Professor TESOL W-Stone LWH 3068 1-773-442-5880  
89   Storie, Melinda S. Associate Professor Geography and Environmental Studies ms-storie BBH 346B 1-773-442-5697  
90   Straughn, Christopher A. Assistant Professor Library C-Straughn Lib 201 1-773-442-4477  
91   Stuart, Moira E. Professor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. M-Stuart PE 1130 1-773-442-5546  
92   Stubbs, Matilda Instructor Anthropology M-Stubbs      
93   Sturdivant, Effie M. Specialist (ASP) Student Disability Services E-Sturdivant D 104 1-773-442-5496  
94   Su, Jing Associate Professor Chemistry J-Su BBH 214F 1-773-442-5773  
95   Sweeney, Griselda Human Resource Associate Human Resources Gr-Sweeney BOB 104 1-773-442-5202  
96   Syed, Nasreen Admissions & Records Rep Enrollment Services N-Syed D 101 1-773-442-5181  
97   Sypniewski, Phillip L. Maintenance Laborer Grounds Maintenance P-Sypniewski      
98   Sztainberg, Marcelo O. Department Chair Computer Science M-Sztainberg LWH 3060 1-773-442-5750  

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