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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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K (60 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Kadow, Kerri A. Administrative Aide New Student and Family Programs K-Kadow C 510 1-773-442-4297  
2   Kahouadji, Nabil Associate Professor Mathematics N-Kahouadji BBH 225B 1-773-442-5764  
3   Kakareko, Zbigniew C. IT Technical Associate User Services Z-Kakareko B 107 1-773-442-4481  
4   Kallas, Fabby Admissions Counselor Enrollment Services F-Tovar1 D 130    
5   Karpouzian, Barbara A. Instructor Counselor Education B-Karpouzian LWH 4109 1-773-442-5552  
6   Kasmer, John Associate Professor Biology J-Kasmer BBH 340F 1-773-442-5717  
7   Kazarinov, Michael Instructor Computer Science M-Kazarinov Lwh 3050 1-773-442-4726  
8   Keelen, Felicia L. Director, Student Trans Serv Student Success and Retention F-Keelen C 519A 1-773-442-4244  
9   Kellerman, Moritz S. Instructor El Centro M-Kellerman ELC 123 1-773-442-4080  
10   Kelly, John J. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant J-Kelly3 H 1 1-773-442-5238  
11   Kelty, Maureen P. Project Coordinator (ASP) Ctr for College Access and Success M-Kelty   1-312-563-7131  
12   Kenas-Heller, Jane Instructor Music J-Kenas n/a 1-773-442-5909  
13   Kennedy, Matthew Special Assistant Parking M-Kennedy3 PF 127 1-773-442-4147  
14   Kerr, John J. Gymnasium&FacilitiesSupervisor Campus Recreation J-Kerr Pe 1114 1-773-442-4185  
15   Kersh, Billie Coordinator Teacher Quality Education b-kersh LWH 3026 1-773-442-5576  
16   Khaled, Ahmed E. Assistant Professor Computer Science A-Khaled LWH 3059 1-773-442-4727  
17   Khalili, Mahmoud Instructor Physics M-Khalili Bbh 221G 1-773-442-5791  
18   Khan, Kamran M. Systems Administrator III UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning K-Khan LWH 3108 1-773-442-4355  
19   Kholamian, Alicia H. CHEC GRANT Program Coord Economics A-Kholamian      
20   Khumawala, Mateen R. Coordinator - Senior Project Management Office M-Khumawala LWH 4067 1-773-442-4393  
21   Khzakia, Michelle Office Support Associate College of Business and Management M-Khzakia Cbm 184 1-773-442-6102  
22   Kim, Hanna Associate Professor Teacher Education H-Kim17 LWH 3041 1-773-442-5383  
23   Kim, Jessica Y. Admissions & Records Rep Enrollment Services Y-Kim2      
24   Kim, Jin H. Associate Professor Social Work J-Kim24 LWH 3025 1-773-442-4875  
25   Kim, Julie Professor English J-Kim6 Lwh 2002 1-773-442-5825  
26   Kim, Kyung-Hoon Specialist Music K-Kim5 FA 130 1-773-442-5909  
27   Kimlin, Ernie G. Associate Dir of Event & Conf Student Union, Event and Conf Serv E-Kimlin SU 207 1-773-442-4635  
28   Kimmel, Peter Professor Computer Science P-Kimmel LWH 3058 1-773-442-4717  
29   Kim, Sungdoo Assistant Professor Management and Marketing S-Kim30 CBM 124 1-773-442-6137  
30   King, Sonya L. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success S-Williams10 Ccas 1-312-733-7330  
31   King, Vanessa J. Program/Student Advisor College of Education V-King Lwh 0018 1-773-442-5387  
32   Kloss, Mike A. Office Administrator Management and Marketing M-KlossJr Cbm 178 1-773-442-6121  
33   Kmetz, Amanda A. Teaching Consultant Learning Support Center A-Kmetz LIB 1-773-442-4568  
34   Knittle, Charles H. Instructor Accounting Business Law Finance C-Knittle      
35   Knuepfer, Jennifer J. Staff Psychologist Student Counseling Services J-Knuepfer B 119 1-773-442-4656  
36   Kohut, Ann M. Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen A-Kohut      
37   Kommanivanh, Chantala Instructor Art C-Kommanivanh      
38   Kondellas, Bill Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies V-Kondellas LWH 4003 1-773-442-5522  
39   Kopp, Christian Assistant Director Campus Recreation C-Kopp PE 1129 1-773-442-4130  
40   Korbakes, Dean C. Instructor Special Education D-Korbakes      
41   Korda, Catherine A. Instructor Justice Studies C-Korda LWH 4079 1-773-442-4790  
42   Koumoutsakis, Theodora Program Assistant Student Success and Retention T-Koumoutsakis1 LWH - 3026 1-773-442-5571  
43   Kowalkowski, Jeffrey F. Instructor Music J-Kowalkowski1 Fa 121 1-773-442-5911  
44   Koyama, Miki Assistant Director Student Counseling Services M-Koyama B 119 1-773-442-4653  
45   Koziol, Arthur K. IT Manager/Admin Coordinator User Services A-Koziol B 107 1-773-442-4356  
46   Kraemer-Holland, Angela Instructor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies A-KraemerHolland      
47   Krantz, Jeffrey M. Instructor Art J-Krantz FA 252B 1-773-442-4911  
48   Kritikos, Effie P. Department Chair Special Education E-Kritikos LWH 4059 1-773-442-5585  
49   Kroeck, Mary Publications Editor Marketing M-Kroeck      
50   Krueger, Deanna M. Instructor Art D-Krueger FA 252B 1-773-442-4911  
51   Krueger, Erica Instructor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen E-Krueger3      
52   Kruk, Marlena Administrative Assistant College of Education M-Kruk LWH 4045 1-773-442-5509  
53   Kruszynski, Paul T. Police Lieutenant Police P-Kruszynski Pf 113 1-773-442-4105  
54   Kuenstler, Catherine A. Administrative Nurse I Health Services C-Kuenstler E 51 1-773-442-5803  
55   Kumaki, Robert W. Instructor Management and Marketing R-Kumaki CBM 129 1-773-442-5356  
56   Kumar, Manish VP - Finance & Administration Finance and Administration M-Kumar2 C 318 1-773-442-5100  
57   Kuo, Hsiao-Chin Assistant Professor Literacy, Leadership and Developmen H-Kuo      
58   Kupiec, Anna Instructor Mathematics A-Kupiec Bbh 218A 1-773-442-4893  
59   Kus, Richard A. Electrician Building Maintenance R-Kus      
60   Kuznicki, Martii C. Office Administrator College of Arts and Sciences M-Kuznicki BBH 158 1-773-442-5703  

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