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R (63 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Rahman, Mohammad A. Communication Network Specialist I UTS-Network Infrastructure Planning M-Rahman1 LWH 4067 1-773-442-4387  
2   Rahman, Sanaa Faculty World Languages and Cultures S-Rahman1 Lwh 2033 1-773-442-4732  
3   Ramirez Mijares, Hany E. Admissions & Rec Coordinator Graduate Enrollment Services H-Ramirez5 D 101D 1-773-442-6006  
4   Ramirez Tasigchana, Kimberly Nurse Practitioner Health Services K-RamirezTasigchana E 051 1-773-442-5804  
5   Ramirez, Elizabeth Freshman Admission Counselor Enrollment Services E-Ramirez25 D - 130 1-773-442-4026  
6   Ramirez, Esteban Community Outreach Worker Student Success and Retention E-Ramirez35      
7   Ramirez, Stan M. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant S-Ramirez H 1 1-773-442-5238  
8   Ramos, Melissa N. Administrative Assistant Honors Program M-Ramos15 B 141 1-773-442-6043  
9   Rangel, Joel M. Library Specialist Library J-Rangel3 El Centro 1-773-442-4499  
10   Rao, Narendar V. Professor Accounting Business Law Finance N-Rao Cbm 143 1-773-442-6158  
11   Raouf, Asma S. Business/Admin Associate President's Office AS-Raouf C 207 1-773-442-5402  
12   Rashid, Kamau Executive Director Literacy, Leadership & Development ka-rashid LWH-4018 1-773-442-5378  
13   Rathore, Malti H. EducProgramEvaluation Coord Learning Success Center M-Rathore LIB 454A 1-773-442-5296  
14   Readey, Marijo A. Instructor Biology M-Readey Bbh 352B 1-773-442-5728  
15   Reffitt, Carrie D. Graphic Design Manager Marketing cd-reffitt D 024E 1-773-442-4747  
16   Reinke, Elizabeth A. Assistant Professor Biology E-Reinke Bbh-352F 1-773-442-5727  
17   Remiyas, Susan D. Instructor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. S-Remiyas Pe 1140 1-773-442-5083  
18   Rempas, Spiro A. Maintenance Repair Worker Grounds Maintenance SA-Rempas GM 1-773-442-5236  
19   Remus, Edward Assistant Professor Library E-Remus Lib 357 1-773-442-4474  
20   Resto, Angel D. Faculty Social Work A-Resto1 LWH 3077 1-773-442-4760  
21   Reynolds, Mary E. Faculty Social Work m-reynolds3      
22   Riascos, Fernando Program Services Specialist Student Disability Services F-Riascos D 104 1-773-442-5492  
23   Riess, Jamie N. Director Advising Center J-Riess LWH 0028 1-773-442-5477  
24   Ritsema, Robert Instructor Communication Media and Theatre R-Ritsema FA 238 1-773-442-5951  
25   Rivera, Angelica Director Proyecto Pa'Lante A-Rivera17 Lwh 4029B 1-773-442-5461  
26   Rivera, Emily Administrative Assistant Ctr for College Access and Success E-Rivera5 Ccas 1-312-563-7158  
27   Rivera, Jocelyn Human Resource Representative Human Resources J-Rivera52 BOB 107 1-773-442-5200  
28   Rivera, Noel Building Service Worker Janitorial N-Rivera15      
29   Rivera, Wilfred Building Service Sub-Foreman Janitorial W-Rivera2      
30   Rizvi, Syed IT Manager/Admin Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success S-Rizvi4 Ccas 1-312-563-7154  
31   Rizzo-Vast, Patricio Faculty World Languages and Cultures P-RizzoVast LWH 2034 1-773-442-4732  
32   Roberts, Ashanti A. Literacy Center Customer Service Assistant Literacy, Leadership & Development A-Roberts1 LWH 2003 1-773-442-5365  
33   Robles, Sal G. Assembly Hall Stagehand Student Union, Event and Conf Serv S-Robles E 017 1-773-442-4623  
34   Robles, Ymelda R. Office Administrator Justice Studies YR-Robles      
35   Rocha, Judith S. Assistant Professor Master of Social Work J-Rocha5 LWH 3100 1-773-443-4763  
36   Rocks, Kimberly Faculty Music K-Rocks2      
37   Rodriguez, Eliot A. Chief Information Officer University Technology Services E-Rodriguez86 5500 N Saint Louis Ave 1-773-442-4360  
38   Rodriguez, Elizabeth M. Coordinator Center for Teaching and Learning E-Rodriguez1 LIB 312 1-773-442-4464  
39   Rodriguez, Jesus Community Outreach Worker Ctr for College Access and Success J-Rodriguez75 El Centro - 101 1-773-442-4082  
40   Rodriguez, Karla Specialist (ASP) Advising Center K-Rodriguez LWH 0036 1-773-442-4262  
41   Rodriguez, Kathleen A. Child Development Supervisor Child Care Center K-Rodriguez1 CH 1-773-442-4540  
42   Rodriguez, Lucia A. Faculty Social Work L-Rodriguez47      
43   Rodriguez, Maria O. Budget Analyst III Budgets MO-Rodriguez C 424 1-773-442-5116  
44   Rodriguez, Veronica Office Support Associate El Centro V-Rodriguez6 El Centro 1-773-442-4080  
45   Rodriguez, Veronica E. Director Student Leadership Development V-Rodriguez9 B 119 1-773-442-4667  
46   Rogers, Perrin Academic Advisor TRIO Student Support Services M-Rogers3 LIB 411 1-773-442-4983  
47   Romanow, Denise M. Faculty Psychology D-Romanow Lwh 4098 1-773-442-4805  
48   Rome, Dennis M. Special Assistant Academic Affairs Provost D-Rome C-112 1-773-442-5420  
49   Rosado, Tricia Program Director Student Success and Retention T-Rosado C-519A 1-773-442-5578  
50   Roshanravan, Shireen M. Equity/Diversity/Inclusn Ofcr President's Office S-Roshanravan   1-773-442-5404  
51   Ross, Ellen V. Faculty Master of Social Work E-Ross2      
52   Ross, John J. Instructor Communication Media and Theatre J-Ross1 Fa 241 1-773-442-5959  
53   Rouse, Nathan K. Program Services Specialist Student Disability Services N-Rouse      
54   Rowls, Joshua M. Administrative Assistant Ctr for College Access and Success J-Rowls   1-312-563-7155  
55   Rubalcava, Jasmine J. Extra Help Ctr for College Access and Success J-Rubalcava      
56   Rubin, David E. Business Administrative Associate Finance and Administration D-Rubin C 313 1-773-442-5104  
57   Rubinowitz, Edie Professor Communication Media and Theatre E-Rubinowitz FA 244 1-773-442-5976  
58   Rueckert, Linda M. Professor Psychology L-Rueckert Bbh 307C 1-773-442-5841  
59   Ruiz, Irma M. Faculty Music I-Ruiz J 112 1-773-442-5926  
60   Ruiz, Marta M. Administrative Assistant Police M-Ruiz6 PF 109 1-773-442-4116  
61   Russell, William R. Faculty Music W-Russell1      
62   Rutschman, Jesse Assistant Director TRIO Student Support Services J-Rutschman LIB 405 1-773-442-4974  
63   Ryan, Susan P. Extra Help Economics S-Ryan7      

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