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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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G (61 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Gahungu, Olive N. Faculty World Languages and Cultures O-Gahungu n/a    
2   Galan, Lizett C. Program/Student Advisor El Centro L-Galan Elc 123 1-773-442-4487  
3   Galary, Aneta E. Faculty Sociology A-Galary LWH 2092 1-773-442-4802  
4   Galindo Jr, Arturo Police Officer Police A-GalindoJr PF 108 1-773-442-4100  
5   Gallagher, Ryan M. Associate Professor Economics R-Gallagher1 Bbh 340B 1-773-442-5685  
6   Gallardo, Diana Assistant Professor Counselor Education D-Gallardo2 LWH 4054 1-773-442-5523  
7   Gallardo, Jason R. Program/Student Advisor Special Education J-Gallardo2 LWH 0016 1-773-442-5933  
8   Gamboa-Turner, Valentina Associate Director Center for Diversity Intercultural V-Gamboa-Turner B-176 1-773-442-5444  
9   Garcia, Emily M. Associate Professor English E-Garcia20 LWH 2007 1-773-442-5563  
10   Garcia, Kristina C. Instructor Student Leadership Development K-Garcia4 E 037 1-773-442-4661  
11   Garcia-Rico, Pilar Account Technician III Controller P-Garcia E 220 1-773-442-5145  
12   Garnica, Deisy P. Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success D-Garnica2 CCICS 107    
13   Garofalo, Philip F. Faculty Computer Science P-Garofalo CBT 128 1-773-442-6067  
14   Gaspard, Gary Instructor Social Work G-Gaspard n/a    
15   Gava, Valeriu Police Officer Police V-Gava Pf 108 1-773-442-4100  
16   Gebhardt, Lewis Associate Professor Linguistics L-Gebhardt LWH 2028 1-773-442-5835  
17   Geddes, Pamela Professor Biology P-Geddes Bbh 340H 1-773-442-5737  
18   Genc, Agnieszka Program Coordinator Academic Affairs Provost A-Genc n/a    
19   Gerber, Michael P. Faculty Accounting Business Law Finance M-Gerber Cbm 170 1-773-442-6026  
20   Geronimo, Johannes Program Services Aide SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl J-Geronimo1 D 012 1-773-442-4683  
21   Giannoulis, Margo Professor Literacy, Leadership & Development M-Giannoulis n/a    
22   Giesso, Martin Faculty Anthropology M-Giesso BBH 140 1-773-442-5794  
23   Gil, Shaddai J. Maintenance Repair/Worker Building Maintenance S-Gil2 n/a    
24   Gil-Garcia, Ana Faculty Literacy, Leadership & Development A-Serafin Lwh 3093 1-773-442-5525  
25   Gilfillan, Beth Assistant Professor Counselor Education E-Gilfillan LWH 4052 1-773-442-5593  
26   Gill-Bloyer, Anne M. Faculty TESOL A-Gill-Bloyer LWH 0045 1-773-442-4229  
27   Glanton, Julian M. Building Service Worker Janitorial J-Glanton H 105 1-773-442-5234  
28   Gleiss, Katherine A. Faculty Coach/Teacher's Aide TRIO Student Support Services K-Gleiss n/a    
29   Glick, Ronald L. Director Sociology R-Glick LWH 0021 1-773-442-4778  
30   Gocha, Steven D. IT Technical Associate Summer Bridge SD-Gocha D-111 1-773-442-5294  
31   Goering, Donna L. Specialist Community and Professional Educatio D-Goering C 511 1-773-442-5082  
32   Goguen, Stacey Faculty Philosophy S-Goguen LWH 3086 1-773-442-5797  
33   Golden, John Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant J-Golden H 001 1-773-442-5239  
34   Goldman, Peter E. Administrative Assistant College of Arts and Sciences P-Goldman BBH 150 1-773-442-5705  
35   Goldsmith, Alex W. Assembly Hall Stagehand Production and Technical Services A-Goldsmith E 017 1-773-442-4532  
36   Goldstein, Adam Assistant Professor Communication Media and Theatre A-Goldstein FA 229 1-773-442-5954  
37   Gollan, Kelly J. Instructor Economics K-Peterson2 BBH 344E 1-773-442-4502  
38   Gonul Kochan, Cigdem Assistant Professor Management and Marketing C-GonulKochan Cbm 110 1-773-442-4563  
39   Gonzales, Wendy Assistant Professor Special Education W-Gonzales Lwh 4053 1-773-442-5599  
40   Gonzalez Morgado, Borja Faculty College of Arts and Sciences B-GonzalezMorgado n/a    
41   Gonzalez Salgado, Alejandro Grounds Sub-Foreman Grounds Maintenance A-GonzalezSalgado2 GM 1-773-442-5236  
42   Gonzalez, Alex Business Manager Center for Diversity Intercultural A-Gonzalez55 B 162 1-773-442-4841  
43   Gonzalez, Beverly Instructor El Centro B-Gonzalez19 n/a    
44   Gonzalez, Evelyn Specialist (Non-Unit ASP) Proyecto Pa'Lante E-Gonzalez10 Lwh 4029 1-773-442-5466  
45   Goodwin, Kyle Faculty Counselor Education K-Goodwin LWH 4042 1-773-442-5556  
46   Gorgojo, Jaime Faculty Music J-Gorgojo FA 123 1-773-442-5939  
47   Grady, Sarah Business Manager Academic Affairs Provost S-Grady2 n/a    
48   Graham, Matthew D. Associate Professor Mathematics md-graham BBH 225C 1-773-442-5758  
49   Grammenos, Dennis Associate Professor Geography and Environmental Studies D-Grammenos BBH 344B 1-773-442-5641  
50   Green, Mary S. Program Coordinator International Programs M-Green8 LWH 0008C 1-773-442-4068  
51   Greenburg, Bradley M. Professor English B-Greenburg Lwh 2008 1-773-442-5467  
52   Griffith, Ruthann L. Grants & Contracts Associate Controller R-Griffith2 E 208 1-773-442-5142  
53   Griffus, Shanna Office Administrator College of Arts and Sciences S-Griffus BBH 158 1-773-442-5703  
54   Gronli, Jonathan J. Senior Library Specialist Library J-Gronli LIB 129 1-773-442-4423  
55   Grubb, Susan Senior Library Specialist Library S-Grubb Lib 117B 1-773-442-4412  
56   Grzelak, Jennifer M. Coordinator Literacy, Leadership & Development J-Grzelak LWH 0020 1-773-442-5528  
57   Guardado, Maria Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success M-Guardado CCICS 107    
58   Gunn, Janice H. Office Administrator Development Office J-Gunn1 C 623 1-773-442-4210  
59   Gupta, Kato Faculty Counselor Education K-Gupta n/a 1-773-442-5550  
60   Gutierrez, Antonio Coordinator Enrollment Services A-Gutierrez31 n/a    
61   Gutstein, Yehuda Faculty Computer Science Y-Gutstein Lwh-3059    

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