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You are currently browsing the NEIU online directory by Employee.

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Required Requesting updates to your employee related NEIU directory information is available from the NEIU Online Directory channel on the MyNEIU tab within NEIUport.

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M (97 employees displayed)
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#   Name Title Department Email ( Location Phone  
1   Macauley, Dave D. Instructor Literacy, Leadership & Development D-Macauley n/a    
2   Mace, Bruce A. Business Manager College of Arts and Sciences B-Mace BBH 148-B 1-773-442-5704  
3   Madda, Christina L. Associate Professor Literacy, Leadership & Development C-Madda Lwh 2059 1-773-442-5457  
4   Maglaris, Angela Faculty Teacher Education A-Maglaris LWH 4024 1-773-442-5309  
5   Maher, Edward F. Faculty Anthropology E-Maher Bbh 217A 1-773-442-5794  
6   Makris, Eleni Associate Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies E-MaKris Lwh 3090 1-773-442-5529  
7   Maldonado, Cecilia Administrative Assistant Economics C-Maldonado1 BBH 218B 1-773-442-5781  
8   Maldonado, Lindsay R. Assistant Professor Teacher Education L-Maldonado2 LWH 3042 1-773-442-5379  
9   Maleki, Amirhossein Assistant Professor Management and Marketing A-Maleki n/a 1-773-442-6073  
10   Maljak, Kimberly A. Associate Professor Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. K-Maljak Pe 1132 1-773-442-5575  
11   Mancilla, Luz M. Community Outreach Worker Ctr for College Access and Success L-Mancilla CCICS 107 1-312-563-7183  
12   Manoyan, Vartuyi I. Instructor Mathematics V-Manoyan Bbh 204H 1-773-442-5799  
13   Marasigan, Bernadette D. Collection Manager SFW - Student Payment Services B-Marasigan D 101B 1-773-442-5167  
14   Marfatia, Hardik A. Associate Professor Economics H-Marfatia BBH 344G 1-773-442-5712  
15   Marichal, Mike L. Financial Aid Representative SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl M-Marichal D 200 1-773-442-5028  
16   Marino, Ramon Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success R-Marino CCICS 107    
17   Markham, Heather L. Child Development Supervisor Child Care Center H-Markham CH 1-773-442-4540  
18   Martin, Aidan Customer Service Assistant SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl A-Martin13 D 200 1-773-442-5026  
19   Martin, Tamara M. Program Coordinator Student Success and Retention T-Martin B 123 1-773-442-4684  
20   Martinez, Carmen S. Instructor Teacher Education C-Martinez4 n/a    
21   Martinez, Cassandra Office Administrator Mathematics C-Martinez37 BBH 214C 1-773-442-5760  
22   Martinez, Juan R. Assistant Professor Sociology J-Martinez102 n/a    
23   Martinez, Natividad Extension Program Coordinator Ctr for College Access and Success N-Martinez21 CCICS 307 1-312-563-7222  
24   Maso, Emily C. Instructor World Languages and Cultures E-Maso Lwh 2033 1-773-442-4732  
25   Mason, Zakita Program Assistant Clinical Expce and Student Teaching Z-Mason2 CCICS 312 1-773-442-6194  
26   Mataka, Jan J. Faculty Chemistry J-Mataka Bbh 212G 1-773-442-5684  
27   Mathews, Nate Z. Associate Professor Art N-Mathews FA 225B 1-773-442-4913  
28   Matthews, Nancy A. Professor Justice Studies N-Matthews Lwh 4063 1-773-442-4791  
29   Matthews, Natalie G. Assembly Hall Stagehand Production and Technical Services N-Matthews2 E 017 1-773-442-4625  
30   Matuschka, Christina R. Assistant Director TRIO Student Support Services C-matuschka LIB 409 1-773-442-4972  
31   Mayle, Scott T. Faculty Physics S-Mayle BBH 221F 1-773-442-5789  
32   Mayne, Anna F. Faculty Music A-Mayne n/a    
33   Mc Farlin, Maurice Faculty Justice Studies M-McFarlin Lwh 4034 1-773-442-4790  
34   McClure, Shane ASP (non-unit) Advising Center S-McClure2 LWH 0029 1-773-442-4566  
35   McDaniel, Laisha Instructor Literacy, Leadership & Development L-McDaniel2 n/a    
36   McFall, Tracy A. Account Technician III Controller T-McFall E 220 1-773-442-5128  
37   McGlade, Amanda M. Interim Associate Director of Freshman Admissions Enrollment Services A-McGlade D-139 1-773-442-4139  
38   McGuinnis, Katy R. Director - Career Dev & Comm Career Development K-McGuinnis B 124 1-773-442-5471  
39   McLeod, Aaron Director of Employee and Labor Relations Human Resources A-McLeod2 BOB 105 1-773-442-5303  
40   McPartland, Michael S. Staff Psychologist Student Counseling Services M-McPartland B 119 1-773-442-4655  
41   McVittie, Nancy E. Faculty Communication Media and Theatre N-McVittie FA 231 1-773-442-5956  
42   Meegoda, Chandana Faculty Chemistry M-Meegoda BBH 212F 1-773-442-5678  
43   Meegoda, Niroshi R. Laboratory Manager Chemistry N-Meegoda BBH 212F 1-773-442-5677  
44   Mehta, Sanjiv Instructor Accounting Business Law Finance S-Mehta5 n/a    
45   Meiners, Erica R. Professor Educ Inquiry and Curriculum Studies E-Meiners Lwh 4008 1-773-442-5515  
46   Melton, Mark Associate Professor Special Education M-Melton1 Lwh 4035 1-773-442-5577  
47   Mena, Terry C. Vice President Student Affairs T-Mena2 C 324 1-773-442-4600  
48   Mendes, John A. Faculty Special Education J-Mendes n/a    
49   Mendoza, Jaime Specialist (ASP) Advising Center J-Mendoza LWH 0031 1-773-442-5474  
50   Mendoza, Keith Maintenance Repair/Worker Building Maintenance K-Mendoza7 n/a    
51   Meranda, Lauren A. Assistant Professor Art L-Meranda FA 252B 1-773-442-4911  
52   Merchant, Christopher R. Associate Professor Psychology C-Merchant Bbh 307D 1-442-773-5884  
53   Mesikapp, Thomas J. Institut Rsrch Data Specialist Institutional Research and Assmnt T-Mesikapp C 427 1-773-442-4896  
54   Messinger, Adam Associate Professor Justice Studies A-Messinger LWH 4069 1-773-442-4798  
55   Mester, Antuanette M. Faculty Nontraditional Degree Programs A-Mester Lwh 3034 1-773-442-5385  
56   Metoyer, Anthony T. Building Service Sub-Foreman Janitorial A-Metoyer SU 207 1-773-442-6099  
57   Mezyk, Pamela N. Interim Transfer Adm Counselor Business Program Advisement P-Mezyk CBT 178 1-773-442-6115  
58   Michel, Matthew HR Lead. Workday HCM Human Resources M-Michel BOB 104 1-773-442-5211  
59   Mihic, Sophia J. Professor Political Science S-Mihic Lwh 2074 1-773-442-5652  
60   Miller, Alfred L. Project Coordinator (ASP) Ctr for College Access and Success A-Miller4 CCICS 307 1-312-563-7140  
61   Miller, Christie Director-Cultural Events/CAPE Cultural Events CL-Miller C 509 1-773-442-4978  
62   Mills, Michael A. Building Service Worker Janitorial M-Mills H 105    
63   Milsky, Daniel J. Associate Professor Philosophy D-Milsky Lwh 3084 1-773-442-5798  
64   Minelli, Laura A. Program Services Specialist Enrollment Services L-Minelli1 D 101D 1-773-442-4056  
65   Ming, David M. Maintenance Laborer Grounds Maintenance D-Ming Gm 1-773-442-5236  
66   Minziti, Cecily I. Administrative Assistant Student Disability Services C-Minziti D 104 1-773-442-4595  
67   Miranda, Ada C. Child Development Supervisor Child Care Center A-Miranda5 CH 1-773-442-4540  
68   Misiewicz, Art H. Locksmith Sub-Foreman Building Maintenance A-Misiewicz J 104A 1-773-442-5252  
69   Misoska, Vesna Publications Editor Marketing V-Misoska C 510 1-773-442-4228  
70   Mitina, Anna Professor Mathematics A-Mitina Bbh 218C 1-773-442-5778  
71   Mohaisen, Manar H. Associate Professor Computer Science M-Mohaisen CBT-146 1-773-442-4714  
72   Mohomes, Tanesha J. Police Telecommunicator Police T-Mohomes Pf 104 1-773-442-4100  
73   Mojica, Noe Assistant Professor Master of Social Work N-Mojica2 LWH 2050 1-773-442-5819  
74   Moltaji, Bob Instructor Physics B-Moltaji BBH 221F 1-773-442-5789  
75   Momin, Asia S. Office Support Specialist SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl A-Momin D 012 1-773-442-4692  
76   Montalvo, Roi G. Faculty Social Work R-Montalvo2 n/a    
77   Montes, Amanda L. Assistant Professor Teacher Education A-Montes Lwh 3091 1-773-442-4557  
78   Moore, Tannika N. Specialist (ASP) Ctr for College Access and Success T-Moore4 CCICS 307 1-312-563-7222  
79   Moore, Tony R. Steam and Power Plant III Heating Plant T-Moore2 H 001 1-773-442-5239  
80   Moosani, Aisha K. Admissions Records Assistant Graduate Enrollment Services A-Moosani n/a 1-773-442-6004  
81   Morales, Angela R. Administrative Assistant II Enrollment Services AR-Morales D 120 1-773-442-4046  
82   Morales, Hector Associate Professor Teacher Education H-Morales3 LWH 3010 1-773-442-5376  
83   Morales, Marisol Summer ADJ Literacy, Leadership & Development M-Morales24 n/a    
84   Moran, Cyndi G. Department Chair Communication Media and Theatre C-Moran1 FA 242 1-773-442-5977  
85   Moreno, Gerardo Professor Special Education G-Moreno1 Lwh 4020 1-773-442-5715  
86   Morgan, Francesca C. Professor History F-Morgan LWH 4080 1-773-442-5609  
87   Morgan, Robin Business/Admin Associate Enrollment Services R-Morgan D 111 1-773-442-4039  
88   Morrissey, Marianne Specialist (ASP) Health Sciences and Ph. Educ. M-Morrissey1 Pe 1131 1-773-442-4159  
89   Morrow, Michelle D. Director SFW - Fin Aid, Scholarship, St Empl M-Morrow D 202 1-773-442-4606  
90   Morton, Nehama M. Instructor Social Work N-Morton n/a    
91   Moscovitz, Louis A. Police Officer Police L-Moscovitz n/a    
92   Mueller, Jessica L. Program Director College of Business and Technology J-Mueller4 CBT 184 1-773-442-6105  
93   Mull, Amanda L. Faculty Teacher Education A-Mull n/a    
94   Mun, Seung-Hwan Associate Professor Communication Media and Theatre S-Mun Fa 235 1-773-442-5868  
95   Mungre, Shubhangee M. Professor Biology S-Mungre Bbh 340E 1-773-442-5719  
96   Murray, Abby B. Associate Vice-President| Human Resources Human Resources A-Murray3 BOB 109 1-773-442-5216  
97   Mushi, Selina L. Associate Professor Teacher Education S-Mushi LWH 3011 1-773-442-5382  

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